Let it Be

I got a message from my ex-wife recently. Nothing really important. But it did have her current contact information, and stupid me, I Googled it.

Nothing I found was detrimental, and I certainly do not want to hurt her–we had a very civil divorce. She was, and remains, a fine woman.

But the links that were returned and the information that was in them–they kind of hurt. I thought about responding–then decided not to. I decided to, as the Beatles said, “Let it Be.”

How have you Dopers decided to “Let it Be”?

Do you mean what was the decision process or what were the circumstances? I’ve gone through several “let it be” moments with my exwife also. After a while I ran out of things to have “let it be” moments about. How long have you been divorced?

Unless the reach out was actually for something important (kids or part of the divorce or something like that) I would say you did the right choice in letting it be.

I’ve had to do two let it be’s, one ended up being OK because her life turned into a trainwreck, but the first is STILL a let it be for me. I’m just too sensitive ya know?