Let's create some new versions of the CLUE board game.

Inspired by this priceless thread.

So what other versions, with some examples, can we create?

Clemenza, in NJ, with the cannoli

The names all have to include a color of some sort. So Amber Tabledance works, but Billy Wayne, Yolanda, and Tonya don’t. Well, unless Yolanda is also named Saffron, at least.

W. Whitey Bush, in Iraq, with a WMD.

Walter White, in the meth lab, with the machine gun.

Walter White, in the meth lab, with the kerosene*.

*He blowed up real good.

Old Yeller, in the corn crib, with the rifle.

Ah, I was going to go for Mr. White in the cafe with the ricin…
We could have a Glaswegian version with locations like the pub, the off-license, the kebab house and the bus-shelter; and weapons like the chib, the haulf-brick and the broken buckie bottle - but we’d have to have a green and white hooped pawn.

I don’t have this game.


I’ve just realised I could have had Mr. Pinkman in the apartment with the automatic. Add Mrs Schwartz and we’re half-way there with suspects.

I thought the methlab guy was named Pinkman?

Actually Violet would be more appropriate than Saffron, since that’s the origin of Yolanda. :slight_smile:

It was NoClueBoy, in the Game Room, with the clever quip.

A couple of years ago, I half-formed a joke about a “South Park” version of “Clue”: “The object of the game is to deduce who killed Kenny McCormick, and there are loads of possibilities from game to game.”

Darned if I know how to flesh it out.

It was Rose Marie, on the Set of the Alan Brady Show, with a typewriter.

It was Linda Gray, in JR Ewing’s Office, with a overdose of Vodka.

It was Murphy Brown, in her bedroom, with a booby trapped folding bed.

It was John-Dice, in the Emergency Room, with a Hepatitis infected Hypodermic Needle.

Mr. Blonde in the ear with a knife.

Ted Mosby, in the saloon, with the pineapple.

Sgt. Pepper in the Top Ten with a bullet.

Step right up kiddies for hours of fun. Was it the sun baked tourist? The oil covered tourist? A woman to blame? A tatoo artist? A beauty? A Mexican cutey? Was it done on the beach? The front porch swing? The kitchen? The tatoo parlor? Was it done with a stale spongecake? A six-string guitar? A pot of boiling shrimp? A lost shaker of salt? A flip flop? A pop top? A blender full of frozen booze?

Be the first to buy Jimmy Buffet’s “I haven’t a CLUE” game.

Jimmy Buffet’s? Well, then, clearly it was Magarita on the veranda, with the salt shaker.