SC woman charged with stabbing husband with ceramic squirrel


Sounds like a rocky relationship. Still, she could have stabbed him in the nuts.

Let’s see…
[ul][li]Southern state? Check.[/li][li]Common-law marriage? Check.[/li][li]Beer issue? Check.[/li][li]Tacky decoration? Check.[/ul][/li]
Way to perpetuate the stereotype, woman! (I wonder if they live in a trailer?)

Only if she threw the squirrel.

I love the last line in the story:

I guess now TSA will start confiscating ceramic knick knacks before you board an airplane. :rolleyes:

Thanks, Obama!


I’d like to apologize, on behalf of Florida, for not doing this first.

I would not approach within a mile of that woman without bringing alcohol.

Why is a ceramic squirrel sharp? And, you know, where? An ear? Those tree-rats don’t even have pointy tails.

You know who else is associated with dangerous squirrels? :dubious:

It said? IT SAID?!

Did they interview the squirrel? Really, he’s a victim too here. Just for existing, really.


Though he’s drinking from a moose (Moose & Squirrel!), there was that scene where the squirrel invades their home.

Wait, a man made himself a sandwich? I dunno about that.

Checking out Google Street view, most of the homes appear to be stick built but there are a couple of trailers!

Oh, just great. Now this will bring all the ceramic-squirrel-grabbers out of the woodwork.

Which part of the squirrel was used to do the stabbing? I’m guessing the tail, but when kitsch is used as impaling weapons, you never can be certain.

Considering the extent of the injuries, I’m wondering if the weapon was, in reality, a ceramic jackalope.

From the linked NBC News report:

Well, at least the squirrel didn’t go for his nuts.

You have obviously never been to South Carolina. :wink:

“Watch me pull a ceramic squirrel out of a hat…!”