Let's imagine a Trump/Cruz ticket against a Hilary/? ticket.

The above scenario is fueling my current nightmare, so let’s talk about it.

I could see Trump and Cruz being an appealing ticket to a large population, am I wrong about that?

Could they beat Hilary? Who would help/hurt Hilary the most?

What do you guys think?

Yes, you are wrong about that. People vote for president, not for VP. Unless by “large” you mean “significantly less than half the voting population”.

Hillary is polling 10 points ahead of Trump right now. Trump’s negatives are too high for him to win in the general election. It doesn’t matter whom he picks as VP.

Clinton crushes any ticket with Trump on it. It would also badly damage the chances of Republicans down the ballot - if the choice is ‘Trump or a Democrat’, many Republicans won’t come out to vote at all, and being ‘the candidate from the same party as Trump’ isn’t exactly a selling point.

The GOP leadership knows this, which is why they’re going to do their best not to let it happen.

Define large. 25% of voters, maybe.

Lord, no, Trump/anyone can’t beat Hillary/anyone.

I can’t see either of those gentlemen settling for ‘second banana’ on the others’ ticket, so I doubt your nightmare will come to fruition. Cruz might settle for a VP role if he thinks (win or lose) it will lead to the Presidency for him in the future, but that ain’t happening with Trump in the leadership role.

A Trump/Cruz ticket would make Hilary’s job easy…whatever else she is, she is a good politician, and even a mediocre one like Kerry could whip a Trump-led Republican ticket.

IMHO as always. YMMV.

The Republican party’s big money guys are already contingency planning that if Trump is nominated their thrust will be on trying to prevent losses downticket.

Trump/Cruz would be weaker than Trump/not an evil idiot. Trump has the crazies, so adding Cruz doesn’t help him. In fact, doubling down on crazy would turn off a few voters who might otherwise be able to get behind Trump as an Anti-Hillary vote. I think Cruz is detested my many more people than Trump.

Personally i think the conventional rules get thrown away in the coming election in 2016.

I am not so sure about the conventional wisdom on either Trump or Hillary.

I doubt Cruz would take the second slot. Not because he is an elder statesman and too good for it, but because he wouldn’t want to be associated with a disaster and wind up doing American Express ads like Bill Miller.

If he thinks they have a shot he is clinically insane and a danger to himself and the Republican party - and should be kept on the streets.

I foresee the return of this old electoral line:

In your guts you know they’re nuts.

If Trump hires Cruz on for Veep candidate, his next hire had better be a food taster. Cruz would only take that spot if Trump was assured to be dead within a year.

A bit like watching I, Claudius. The transition from Tiberius to Caligula.

Clinton’s negatives are also too high for her to win the general election. Trump’s are just higher. While that might seem to be a recipe for Clinton to win, when both candidates are undesirable it depresses turnout. And what happens when you have a low turnout election?

Rest assured…Trump’s campaign staff has dug up a mountain of dirt on HRC-the missing emails alone are enough to sink her. more interesting to me, are her relations with the Bill Clinton Foundation, which was heavily involved in the 2010 Haiti earthquake relief…in which $2 billion vanished.

That in itself sounds like more BS propaganda so typical of Trump.

In short: The FBI is not investigating her, the investigation now is about who had access to the server, the problem as always is the media that is not telling the people about that because it is more convenient for the bottom line of corporate media to keep the contest a horse race.

Interesting also for me too, as IMHO it will be just the same as the email and other “scandals” against the Clintons. The right will exaggerate the issues so much that most Americans will see only the gross abuse of power and the madness of the Republicans that when they will brake many rules in order to pursue their target.

People do know about how wrong Captain Ahab was when trying to get Moby Dick.

Why would Trump pick Cruz ? I would think Trump could easily carry Texas. A Trump / Rubio ticket more dangerous to Hillary.

People don’t vote for a ticket because of who the veep is. And they sure don’t do so just because the veep is from their home state.

The most anyone can expect from their veep selection is a slight bump in turnout from the veep’s home state IF the veep is well regarded by members of that party in that state. Which is often not the case.

Given all the other variables in play in this very unprecedented and therefore very unpredictable race, nattering on about veep selection seems to me to be picking theoretical fly shit out of the pepper.

Let’s see. It would get Ted Cruz out of the Senate for the most part, at least until Trump got sick of the gig and quit. I can see Cruz’s Senate colleagues endorsing this ticket just to get him out of their hair, and then trying to make the Presidency as pleasant for Donald and Melania as possible.

Oh, I think Trump could conceivably wipe the walls with Hillary.

Bernie can run on populist policy; Hillary can’t. The Democratic Party needs to learn that not everyone is a trial lawyer or insurance salesman, even in their own base.

While the Democrats are playing to their special interests and sneering at the GOP “children,” Trump is playing to cultural identity. In a match between a supercilious snigger and a crowd chanting a fight song, guess who wins?

I think you’re not looking at Hillary with unbiased eyes. The negatives you cite are almost entirely from Republican voters- the same ignoramuses that think Obama is a Kenyan Muslim socialist terrorist. Democrats like her fine.

If Trump is on the ballot, it will not be a low turnout election. People who don’t walk on their knuckles will come out in droves to save themselves from this fascist monster.

Slight derailment, possibly, but: could Trump opt to stand without a VP candidate?