Let's make Earth the #1 Planet

Did you use pinking shears?

You heard anything from ol’ Bolso yet ?
It’s been over 3 weeks.


(I was going to make this a one-word answer, but it turns out the Message Boat doesn’t allow this; you have to type a minmum amount of letters or you are rejected. Who decided this? Do you detect a slow, steady “drip drip drip” noise, that’s your Freedom going down the drain, drop by drop so you don’t notice like a sculptor chipping away at a block of marble - when the statue is finished it will bear a strong resemblance to Tyrrany!

Remember the Lesbian I told you about (no I’m not going to tell you which post; if you haven’t read the whole thread up to now I don’t know what you’re doing here), the other day she gave me a clock radio she got at a yard sale for two dollars, it didn’t work so she thought I might fix it - I’m handy with a screwdriver - well I took it apart but I couldn’t believe how complicated it was. It had several Ribbon Cables inside, these are nasty things that are supposed to connect circuit boards but God help you if you pull one out and try to reconnect it. They must be assembled by Oompa Loompas because a normal person’s fingers cannot maneuver in this tight space, so I gave up and told her “sorry, you’re out two bucks”, and my day is not even half over. But that’s how it is now, they don’t repair things now, just throw it on the scrap pile.

By the way, you must be English, I have nothing but respect for people from the British Isles but stop and think for a minute before you start calling the President of Brazil “Bolso”, everyone in America is tired of that - “oh Bolso and Jacko met up with Macca”; everyone gets a quaint nickname which must have seemed clever back in the Nineteenth Century but high time you came up with a new riff. Sorry, but I’m not in the best of moods. Tell you what, we in the USA will stop saying Awesome every thirty seconds if you over there will drop Brilliant from your dog-eared Thesaurus of No-Longer-Original Things to Say, can we count on that Bazzo?

But getting back on topic, I was letting my mail pile up but went through it yesterday and no reply so far. I keep hoping to find one of those tissue paper envelopes that tells you a Foreigner has sent you something. Oddly enough, I did get a letter from Joe Biden! Have not read it but dollars to donuts he just wants money. Well maybe I’ll turn the tables and hit him up for a Grant towards this Solid Core project; you can be pretty sure we won’t be hearing a peep out of Old Joe once he reads that! Because unfortunately you have to be well connected before the Democrat Gravy Boat will dock in your harbor. It’s okay, I have other ideas and one of the things I’d like to try is running a steel cable around the Equator or maybe if that’s not viable (that’s a lot of cable!) I can settle for one of the Tropics (Cancer or Capricorn) or even the Arctic Circle, can’t be too picky here. If our friend Senegold is reading this, do you recall if Tom Jr. ever tried something similar? I know, I have to finish the books, but I’m just happy to have an Expert on board!

Well my phone tells me I’m on low battery so that’s all for now. You all have been so nice, most of you, please continue to be patient; meanwhile I will be impatient, that’s my job!)

It wasn’t intended as a quaint nickname, i was trying to be disrespectful.
We dropped “Brilliant” ages ago. Everything is now “Amazing”.
Oh well, maybe COP26 will help …

I looked up your COP26. Is this some attempt to divert me? Cannot succeed. Though I’m sure these people are well-meaning in their agenda (climate) they are rearranging deck chairs on the Space Shuttle Challenger, they need to refocus on MY agenda; new o-rings won’t fix this!

I came back here after seeing another disturbing trend. Rather it should be disturbing to most people but attention span is limited, however I will mention it because I know there will be more bad news just over the horizon. You have to keep up the drumbeat.

The article I’m talking about starts like this: “RÉUNION, A FRENCH island in the western Indian Ocean, is like a marshmallow hovering above the business end of a blowtorch.” How’s that for a scare quote? It goes on to describe a volcano called “Piton de la fournaise” which sits atop a tree branch of Magma that pretty much singes the Tectonic plate that Africa sits on. I’m immediately thinking, this is where we start! Sorry Bolso, you had your chance and you blew it. Our millions now go to this French island, and they know how to stretch a dollar until George Washington cries Uncle Sam!

But wait, first you really need to see this:
Take it for a spin, this puts those “Cutaway Earths” from textbooks of our youth, just projects them all into Caveman Days. They should print this on the front page of the New York Times and every newspaper in the USA. That might give those COP26 kooks a shakeup. (Note, it is interactive, you can move it with your Curser. If it doesn’t work please don’t blame me, I always said the Internet is not ready for Prime Time; these problems have been dogging me for ages, because we have misplaced our faith in a faceless crew of tech geniuses who don’t know when to quit the endless tinkering, the concept of “good enough” being absolutely foreign to them, and just when we have learned all the “work-arounds” that have kept civilization humming since the early hominids discovered that skipping the Pupa stage afforded more leisure time - most of course just used that time to sleep more, but a few special specimens were able to invent the different Ages: Iron, Bronze etc. and that’s where the trouble started.)

Anyway, if nothing else this model demonstrates where the action is. I thought of plugging up this Volcano island simply to buy us more time, but really that’s the coward’s way out and might backfire because all that Magma has to go somewhere, and I’d hate to have to explain why for instance it popped up in Mexico (my calculation), they don’t want that and who can blame them? Robbing Pierre to pay Pablo is never a good idea. But Bad ideas are useful as a roadmap, so if anyone reading this has any of their own, please feel free to share; by their rejection a way forward can begin to take shape.

I have to go feed the neighbor’s cat now.

(Editing to add: When I tried to post this I got a message that says, You can’t embed media items. Now they tell us. Who knows what a media item really is these days. Just more wasted time, and I had a panicked moment when I thought the whole post was lost. This just reinforces what I’ve always said, but I shouldn’t whine because I chose to participate in this platform, nobody forced me.)

Well that didn’t work, I never like to re-do anything, I say you don’t get another bite at the apple but that link was a bust so here’s a second bite.

Since I’m here, there have been more blatant attempts by the “#2 is Scary” crowd to run us off (see Post 74). I have to admit this one is pretty bad:
I don’t know what got this woman so terrified. Please, show your hand, otherwise leave us alone!

I need to take a slight detour here as this whole “Sloopy Girl” controversy which is running rampant has raised certain questions in my mind that need to be sorted out.

As you know there has been (big surprise!) a lot of phony talk about the identity of the Real Sloopy Girl, passed around and copied by people who cannot be bothered to go to the source to get the truth. You could, for crying out loud, ask Rick Derringer! It’s not like he’s hard to get to; more likely since his Rock Star days are long over he is living in a mobile home now, and no I’m not being snide here, nothing wrong with it, a lot of people would be lucky to have any home at all, and I’ve seen some of those modern Trailers and they look quite cozy though personally I’d never live in one. I just mean he probably answers his own phone these days, and if you asked him who Sloopy Girl is, he’d be glad to tell you, “I don’t know, but it’s not my ex-wife!”. Just by making a small effort you would have busted a persistent rumor that should have been laid to rest long ago. Now of course lots of people prefer rumors to facts, but let’s not step in that Prairie Dog hole!

Now we are finding out that the real Sloopy Girl is named Lisa Leonard-Dalton. This fact (and it is a fact, there can no longer be any doubt) was dug up and publicized recently by an obssessed disc jockey named Steve Smith, who clearly has little patience for lies and those who spread them like peanut butter - hard to get unstuck once you are smeared! There is an amazing story of the brilliant detective work required to sift through the litter box and remove the clumps of misinformation contained therein, but I won’t link to it, sorry but if Steve had been satisfied to leave it at that I would have been the first to award him a “well done”. But it looks like his obssession has led him down a dark road.

Smith can be found on a site called “Puget Sound Media”, and a quick glance there will confirm he is a tireless self-promoter, which I guess goes with the territory, but if you’re in the business of busting myths you need to beware not to stir up a few of your own; apparently this guy can’t resist and now he is, in a none too subtle way, trying to suggest that Sloopy Girl was somehow involved in the attempted murder of Andy Warhol, which I think is just absurd, that didn’t happen! You might recall that Andy Warhol was shot by a completely different woman, author of the SCUZ Manifesto, who apparently had a bone to pick with Andy who wouldn’t put her in a movie - obviously deranged behavior; though I don’t doubt that Andy antagonized a few people in his day, how do you think Campbell’s Soup thought of his stealing their Tomato Can, probably not much until their accountant pointed out the uptick in a certain line (hint: not Bean with Bacon). Later, they made a movie called “I Shot Andy Warhol”, and it was abundantly clear that Sloopy Girl was nowhere near the incident - she wasn’t even in the movie; you’d think a conspirator would at least get a cameo.

But this Steve Smith character doesn’t even have the grit to back up the implication in so many words, instead it’s all there in a photograph snuck into a collage which shows a newspaper headline: “ACTRESS SHOOTS WARHOL” and by now it shouldn’t shock you that none of the women in the collage is Snoopy Girl, it’s just a lot of Rick Derringer ex-wives and other random women, as if anyone associated with someone named Derringer must forever be blamed for all celebrity violence. Sorry, Steve, but your over-active imagination has exposed you as quite the fool. And I would advise the real Sloopy (who lives in Knoxville and intends to parlay her newfound celebrity into an ongoing Web presence, which I heartily endorse) to steer clear of Mr. Over-the-hill DJ - his kind of publicity you don’t need! You’ve given yourself to the world, you don’t need to share the pie with some lowlife!