Lets play "Whats in my Pants?"!

After seing the 50 billion “Pants” threads, and me being the offical “ThatGuyWithPants”, I’ve decided to make a game (which might very well flop, but hey, least I tried.). Ok, so I have an item in my pants right now. I will give you 3 clues to guess what it is, and whoever gets it right gets to go on. I’ll start of easy.

Clue #1: it is long and made of hard plastic

Clue #2: it has a wire leading out of it

Clue #3: Its a great listener, but doesnt talk much.



My guess as to what’s in your pants would be…“That Guy”.


Ginger, congrats, I had a microphone in my pants! Anyone else?

I’d say that you should figure out what’s in my pants, but I’m not wearing pants.

Is that anyone else with a microphone in their pants? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that was a quick game. :frowning:

Well, I’ll give it a shot…

It’s also rather long and hard.
It has many, many uses.
It could be a deadly weapon, but I’ll only use it as a tool.
I can’t whip it out on an airplane.

Is it a hammer?

Swiss army knife?

No, I’m just pleased to see you.

Congratulations, mouthbreather!

You win…well, nothing really, other than a (slight?) sense of satisfaction.

I guess since I won I keep this thing going.It’s not in my pants yet, but it will be in about an hour.

It’s shiny and nearly square, and full of fun.

A wocket?


[sub]There’s a Nink beneath my sink, Joyfulgirl[/sub]

nope and nope. And I about to go out, and it is going with me. So responses to any more guesses will have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow.

::smacks self::

Oh yeah, Joyfulgirl was kidding…

But I do like to hop on pop.

Oh well. At least I still have this Bofa on the sofa.

[sup]Shush, you![/sup]

I just have a Twizzler wrapper in my pocket.