Let's share our nice, peaceful cell phone/ SMS alert sounds

I cannot stand when people have annoying blairing ringtones. I’m looking for a nice peacefil sound, (or sounds) that is easy on the ears… maybe a few notes together played softly.
I’ve noticed after sorting through mobile41.com ive found a few nice ones… mostly the best ones are the ones that relate to instant messengers… those are the ones I use.

recommend me a ringtone that is easy on the ears!!

This is what I’m using: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKHCujz8FVY

It’s noticeable because of the higher tones, but not immediately obtrusive.

I have my iphone set to the default ringtone it came with:


It is a lot more pleasant than my co-workers ringtones.

My ringtone for incoming calls is an analog ring- the old-fashioned kind. My text tone is a ding or some sort.

My brother’s text tone is a radar ping- it’s pretty cool.

Audacity, down load it and install
then take your mp3’s and make any ring tone you like super easy.
I have quite a few that might fit your description and most phones will take them.

I used Verizon’s “frog pond” ring. Sounds like… frogs at a pond. Came standard on my phone (can’t remember the model, VX5500 maybe? but its one of the more low-to-middle options, made by LG)

The Jetson’s doorbell is my SMS alert, which I am very happy with. I can’t for the life of me find a ringtone i actually like. I just want a funky ring, why is it all the downloads out there assume I want some pop song as my ring tone.

That’s mine too. I tried a bunch of the other ringtones the phone came with and this is the best one.

This is mine. (Audio link, obviously.)

Pilots will know it.

This is definitely not what the OP is looking for! :smiley:

My ringtone is homemade (using the aforementioned Audacity): the opening bars of “Sir Duke.”

That’s what I use for texts, too: a sonar ping that came with my BlackBerry. My SO had a BlackBerry before I did, and I always coveted that ping sound! :slight_smile:

My ringtone is the first 20 seconds of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ItPnIG6abg

Funky indeed.

The phone for my Taekwondo school is forwarded to my cell phone when I’m not in it. My generic ringer is Mortal Kombat; just the music, no gongs or voices.

May I recommend bird songs? My current ring is the sound of the Northern Cardinal, but lots of birds make pleasant yet noticeable sounds.

Mine is the sound of one hand clapping.

well, that lets me out … I got the sound file for general quarters from goatlocker and ripped it and use it for mrAru’s special ringtone. Also, when I need to wake him up real fast I play the file. Guarantee his feet hit the floor pretty fast when it goes off. Something about 20 years of brainwashing :smiley:

And his work number special ring is dive alarm from the same site=)

general quarters
diving alarm

aruvqan, those are hilarious! My brother has one that is a keening Islamic prayer chant, with someone speaking over it “Infidel, answer your phone!” It’s pretty offensive so he doesn’t use it.

How about one of these? :smiley:

I use Flogging Molly’s “What’s Left of the Flag” as a ringtone. Loud. If I ever used my cellphone, it would probably piss people off.

I have several custom ringtones for individuals, but my default ring tone is a regular old telephone ringer.

My IM alert is an audio grab from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Mine is obnoxious, I guess, but I like it. It’s the first 15 seconds or so of Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole.

Think I’m gonna change it to this, starting around 1:20 or so.

My SMS alert is the iphone one called “glass.” It sounds like someone tapped a crystal glass gently with a piece of silverware. It’s unobtrusive, not annoying, but loud and high pitched enough to get my attention.