Let's welcom Ultrafilter to Philly!

(There’s gotta be some bad wordplay there somewhere … Ultraphilterfest … something. Whatever.)

Anyway, beloved MAD Ultrafilter has moved from the southern end of the range to the northern end, and is now living in Philly. We haven’t had a dinner in eons – so let’s show him what Philly Dopers can do!

I’m working way up in Bucks County these days, so if we do a weeknight, I’d like to do it in Manayunk or thereabouts. There’s an okay Mexican restaurant in East Falls, within easy walking distance of the train station – Manayunk is also Septa-able.

For weekends – I can do it either of the next two weekends, Saturday or Sunday – there’s a Dopefest up at What Exit’s on Saturday the 9th, I don’t know if anyone is planning to go to that. On a weekend, I could do Center City, West Philly, or wherever.

Who wants to come, and what and where are good for you?

I’m not terribly picky about where or when.

I won’t be here either weekend; I’m goin’ to Disneyland!


I was assuming that this week/weekend was too soon for most folks when I wrote this. I’ll be out of town from Thursday to Sunday, but after that, I’m not picky.

I can do a weeknight in Center City or West Philly. I’ve never done any type of Dopefest, so I’d be stepping out of my comfort zone, but I’m about as ‘‘Philly’’ as they get.

I vote for Thai or Indian.

Food that is. :slight_smile:

Okay, I could do West Philly on a weeknight – how’s next week sometime? Monday’s bad for me (eye dr. in the morning, so I’ll be getting in late, so I’ll be working late), otherwise good.

Works for me.

Okay, cool. How’s Tuesday the 5th? Wednesday the 6th?

I don’t live close enough to attend… just wanted to coin a word… “Ultraphilly.”

West Philly next week works for me, any night but Friday.

Damn…I keep promising myself I’ll make it to the next Philly Dopefest (considering I’m now, what, 20 minutes outside of the town?)…however, weeknights just don’t cut it when A) I work until 7pm, B) Have an 18-month-old, and C) Have a pregant wife.

Oh well…next time.

We’re probably not going to meet till 6:30 or 7:00, so A isn’t a huge problem – B and C I can’t help you with, though.

I can surely come and comfort Hal’s wife and sheepling :slight_smile: (J/k Hal, put down the gun)

So – ultrafilter, philster – how’s Tuesday or Wednesday of next week look? And is anyone else interested in joining us? We’re not doing very well on impressing ultrafilter here … :frowning:

I can do either day.

Looks like it’s gonna be a small one – just the four of us?

Let’s shoot for Tuesday, 6:30, in West Philly. Philster indicated a preference for Thai or Indian – of those cuisines, I prefer Indian. Anyone want to pick a restaurant? The one we went to the last time we did a Doper dinner at an Indian restaurant in West Philly was pretty not fabulous, but I don’t remember the name of it.

I haven’t eaten Indian in eons, so I can only name the local places. New Delhi and Tandoor India, both near 40th & Chestnut, have been around for ages; was it one of those you went to? There’s also Sitar Indian, on 38th, where the Chestnut Cabaret used to be (boy, am I dating myself).

Of the Thai places, Lemon Grass near 36th & Lancaster is very good. The area around 40th & Chestnut, in addition to the two Indian places just mentioned, has three Thai restaurants and a Senegalese one.

I believe the restaurant twickster is referring to is Sitar.

I should be able to come, though I may be slightly late since I get off work at 6. Indian sounds fine.

Indian is fine by me. I don’t know any of the restaurants in the area, so I’ll try whatever you all pick out.

I’ve never had Senegalese – what’s that like?

“On 38th” sounds right for the one I didn’t like – this was at least two years ago, though, maybe three, so my memory is dim. And it wasn’t terrible, just not very good.

Would Wednesday work better for you, Cleophus? I was picking Tuesday for the sake of moving the discussion along, and it sounds like Wednesday isn’t out for anyone.