Levi Johnston Spills His Guts On Sarah Palin In Interview

Not that Levi is a pillar of respectability or ethics or honor, but his comments from within the family circle are certainly interesting!

Here they are.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

Snooze. Wake me up for this though.

An all around class act: from Sarah to Todd to Bristol to Levi et al. I pity the younger kids.

Seems like ol’ Levi and Sarah are two bull-goose attention whores who just happened to lock horns in the most improbable political story since Linda Tripp sodomized Mary Todd Lincoln in that Minneapolis Airport bathroom…

John McCain probably wishes he would have chosen Mary Jo Kopechne for his running mate

I kinda understand the position he’s in. It’s similar to that of Palin. He’s now a nationally known public figure, and he’s got no money. He needs a manager and a lawyer to deal with all of the press inquiries he gets, and in the near future it’s unlikely he could ever get an actual, normal people job. He was turned into a celebrity and he has no skills or talent. All he has is dirt on the Palins, which America is happy to pay for.

So, he’s trying to make a few bucks by doing paid exclusives with Vanity Fair or doing photo shoots in Playgirl. I’m sure a book will be forthcoming. The media made him a public figure (regrettably) so he’s trying to get some money out of them for it.

Though, unlike Palin, he had no governor job to quit before doing so.

I think he considered it but was told there was a lot of stuff that could be dredged up.

For a cementhead rink rat, the kid is coming through in the clutch.

At least he may be able to establish himself as Sarah’s worst nightmare. Not a bad legacy.

Aaah, the unexpected keyboard-ruining red wine snort. It hurts like funny.


Levi Johnston is here to remind how classy Monica Lewinsky was. She gave blowjobs to the President of the United States of America and never said very much about it in public. By comparison, all Gordie Who here did was knock up the youngest daughter of the governor of an out-of-nowhere vice presidential candidate, but he can’t stop trying to come up with new dirt on her because he’s got nothing else to offer. In a couple of months he’ll alert the media that some of Sarah Palin’s socks were still dirty after she took them out of the clothes heat machine (that’s what they call a dryer up there). I’m sure some of what he’s said lately is true, but the guy is really a loser.

Being the sperm donor for the daughter of a governor is not how you achieve lasting fame. His fifteen minutes of fame expired long ago. There are plenty of things to dislike Palin for without the stuff he brings up, true or not. Much as I’d like to believe what he says, I have no reason to assign him any credibility.

So, wait a sec: Sarah planned to adopt Bristol’s kid, while Sarah was pregnant herself? After all, Sarah’s the one who got knocked up first. Did she think people wouldn’t find it odd that she would adopt a baby when she already had a three-month-old of her own?

Easy, you just say they are twins! And that one was just born extra small and only looks a little younger.

I agree. There’s no reason for this guy to tell the truth; he could spin yarns from here 'till kingdom come. I’m no fan of Sarah Palin but I reckon I’ll just ignore this guy’s comments.

Can we go back to the Playgirl spread idea? He’s kinda dumb, and pretty much a loser, but he’s awful cute…

nitpick: Bristol is Palin’s eldest daughter (of three).

I agree, though. As much as I’d like to believe these things, the guy has no credibility.

I don’t know about that. 20 years from now you might be driving through Washington state and some grumpy-looking middle-aged man will pump your gas and there’ll be something about him you recognize.

I hope he’s not thinking that small. He’s more than qualified to be future governor of Alaska.

Granted… but based on previous histories of Palin’s behavior and attitudes (ie insanely manipulative, and not at all inclined to the drudge work and heavy lifting part of public service, well before she became governor she had a reputation for serious bellyaching about the demands of being even a mid-level public official) every word he says rings true.