Liberals, I need some suggestions (re: Anne Coulter)

Anne Coulter is speaking at my university on Monday. Tickets are free and I’m somewhat interested in what that lanky, nitwit has to say. There is going to be a question and answer period and I’ve been trying to think up a question that will suitably put her on the spot without coming off as overtly rude. So far I’ve come up with these:

  1. Do you see any inherent hypocrisy in addressing a perceived liberal attack on conservative America by attacking liberal America?

  2. The accuracy of your book, “Slander,” has been repeatedly questioned and more than a fair share of inaccuracies have been documented. Even the conservative “Weekly Standard” gave you a poor a review for failing to check your facts and for distorting the truth. Do you think this will affect reception of your new book “Treason”?

This last one isn’t exactly as subtle as I said I was looking for, but I’m going to tuck it away just in case I get an itch to spark some trouble. :wink:

  1. How did it feel when Bill Maher told you to your face that you, and I quote, “Just make shit up”?

Don’t bother. She’s used to that stuff, she gets the last word, you’ll come out of it looking like a dipshit.

Who’s Anne Coulter, and being 6’2" myself can I ask what’s wrong with being lanky!!!

Come on! There’s gotta be something I can say that she can’t double talk her way out of.

Ann Coulter is this conservative author (and I use the term author very loosely). Sorry for the lanky crack, but 6’2" seems perfect normal to me. Ann on the other hand dwarfs Yao Ming, she’s at least 8 or 9 feet tall, and at least two of those feet are just neck.

So how tall are you then?? I still don’t know who she is thou’

Sorry, she’ll make mincemeat out of you. It’s really, really hard to put someone like this on the spot and embarass them. I remember someone tried to put Jesse Jackson on the spot back when he was speaking at American and Jackson just talked circles around him and the kid said in a confused manner, “Oh, OK,” and sat down.

You can ask a question if you want, but she’ll just lie her way out of it or give you a reasonable explanation. The best course of action is to try and get her to call you a traitor or something by questioning the administration’s call to arms somehow. That would be funny, I think.

IIRC, she goes around claiming that “liberals” hate America because they don’t share her world view. She’s obviously a fascist pig-fucker. But doing shit like this talk is what she does. She’s had a lot of practice. She probably has handlers who coach her. And the audience will probably be full of ditto-heads (ironic that Limbaugh’s fans call themselves “ditto-heads”; it sort of crystalizes the conservative tendency to abandon critical thought) who will think she’s won even if she hasn’t. You could be the NDT nat’l. champion and you’d still be ill advised to perue this course of action. Don’t waste your time. Sorry.

I concur. When i talk about Ann Coulter with conservative thinkers i know, they are blind or indifferent to the blinding hypocracy she puts forth in her book ‘slander’, all they talk about is how she tells the truth about liberals. ie, In her book she says only liberals engage in namecalling, then she devotes pages to insulting liberals. In another part she says something like 'only liberals engage in making fun of ugly women who are part of the opposing party, but what would you expect from the party that has (some ugly liberal woman’s name i can’t remember).

My point is, the audience will probably be filled with people who agree with her to the point where they don’t see her lies or hypocracy. She is full of shit and people who agree with her tooooo much either don’t want to believe that or can’t believe it.

Heres some anti coulter info though if you want it.
Ask her if she thinks she is setting the republican party back by coming off as a venom filled scapegoating extremist? How many fence sitters will be attracted to coulters extremely loaded language? Several of the 1 star reviews on are people who think she is making the republican party look bad with her venom & half truths.

A magazine interview I found online says that Coulter is 5’10", but I think she looks much taller because she is very thin and has very long hair.

Thanks, I was waiting to get slammed on that, and when I saw that it was quoted I thought, “Uh-oh…”. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links. Incidentally, the Amazon customer review had a person mentioning the example you give, in response he said that he recalled Rush Limbaugh starting a broadcast by saying, “there’s a new dog in the Whitehouse… Chelsea Clinton.” Class act that Rush, he gives Ann a run for her money.

Barbara Mikulski?

(Personally, it actually appears that a lot of conservatives don’t like Coulter, due to her tendency to show no taste whatsoever. Look at what the National Review did after her comments on 9/11.)

Why bother to bait her? There’s no fun in peeving a commentator that will be a has-been 10 years from now. Look at John McLauglin. In the end, she’ll be a footnote, as she hasn’t provided anything new.

Heres the original quote, it just shows how blantanly she can be hypocritical

“Only conservative women have their looks held up to ridicule because only liberals would be so malevolent. A blind man in America would think the ugliest women ever to darken the planet are Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, and Katherine Harris. This from the party of Bella Abzug.”

Ask her why she didn’t go out with the cute guy dressed as an Amazon explorer who flirted with her at the Halloween party on Spring Street where she was dressed as a biker chick way back when she was a nobody in law school. Yeah, ask her THAT!

(And yeah, she’s not over 6’. I would have remembered.)

“Are you and Hillary Clinton still having secret lesbian trysts in room 1034 at the Ramada Inn in Baltimore?”

OK…probably a question to get you booted out of the auditorium, but it would be fun to ask.

But seriously, the woman has had far more experience fielding oddball questions, even from her legions of wacko fans, than you have. You WILL lose in any debate or Q and A with her.

I think the best approach would be to pour over her speeches and find something she might have said a few years ago, at some small right wing group, that she might not like quoted today. Use that quote in a question.

Good luck, and I will be watching CNN to see if there is a fun news story of her lunging at an audience member.

And how. A few months back, she viably demostrated just what a tremendous waste of Sixty Four Million dollars a year Katie Couric is to her network by creating the illusion that she (KC), was, in fact, brain dead.
Right or wrong, the woman is not without tallent (Something I can say of many Liberal Speakers/Writers as well.)

However, it appears you are looking for a real answer, so I will try my level best to be helpful here. I can’t tell you exactly what she will say, but it will probably go something like this…

This will get thrown out straigt away. There is nothing merely perceived about liberal attacks on conservative America.
Ask this, & it will be pointed (& quite accurateley so), just what sore losers the Democratic party were this past autumn when the Entire Nation told them in no uncertain terms to take a back seat and stay out of the way for a while.
She’ll then point out that Liberals who feel attacked are merely being “reactionary” to genuinely progressive ideas. Apparently, the Liberals can’t stand progress if they can’t enjoy 100% of the credit for it.

The accuracy of statements questioning the accuracy of the book have themselves been called into question many times. Asking her this question is like you admiting to her (and the entire audience) that you would believe in the tooth fairy, santa claus, and communism as a viable alternative to democracy so long as the right Liberal Figure told you to.

Probably the best question you have here. And the easiest for her to kill.
“And Bill Maher does what for a living?” She’ll get instant laughs for this, & before you can respond, it’s someone else’s turn.

Personally I do hope you are brave enough to set your ego aside & do this as I am very curious/interested to see what the outcome is!
[/devil’s advocate mode][return to reality based position]

I am by now means a card carrying conservative, but Jesus flippin’ Christ, what’s this supposed to be?

As if No Liberals have ever suffered from this defect? Pull-heez. Why do think Hillary Rodham (I refuse to put Clinton in her name. As married as they are, I hate the idea of associating her with a genuinely tallented President), is universally disliked almost everywhere she winds up?

It is fine to criticize conservative thinking if you wish, but you should not make assumptions of what a phrase means lest you end up looking foolish. FYI, “ditto-heads” does not mean that listeners of Rush blindly ape everything he says. Instead, it came about due to many callers, rather than say what everyone does when calling a talk show (“love your show”, etc…) they just say “dittoes” then get into their question or comment.
Glad I could help.

Ask her if she is a liberal. Say you read her book and you thought that she sounded a lot like the liberals in the book.


That is a distinction without a difference, what self described ditto-head does not agree with Limbaugh?

Ask her why, as a conservative woman she is not at home taking care of her children or looking for a husband like all conservative women with “traditional” values should be doing. Speaking in public about politics is a man’s job she should be baking cookies.

According to David Brock Ann was responsible for fabricating the false story about Clinton’s “distinguishing mark” on his penis, you could ask her if this is true.