life is getting better

okay, so it’s been a little over a week after having been booted from my abode. things were looking preeety bad for our humble narrator. but things are starting to look up.

first off, I got a hickey! sweet damn in the great heavens of jesus, it’s been a while. Haven’t had any kind of lovelife (beside the occasional random ass-gathering) for a good three years (okay, two-and-a-half). and this person is wonderfully cute and fun to be with. don’t want to get too into it and jinx everthing up, so let’s just say that s/he is remarkably energetic and wacky, and makes me feel happy to be with. known ‘Lorth’ for a long time, but ‘lorth’ was always going out with somebody. after a keerazy rugby party, we retired to a dorm and macked macked macked. and I’ve got the hickey to prove it.

next day, I found out I got this part I auditioned for a while back, for a feature film filming in Philly. and the shooting is light enough that I’ll do crew work as well, which is really where I wanna be going.

so things are looking good right now fer ol’ jb. sure, there still badness. Don’t have a house, keep forgetting to brush my teeth twice a day (made sure to brush before rugny arty, though), still not all-together head-wise, great aunt died over the weekend, u.s.w. but none of it is too major.

this here is a virtual knock on wood.



Random ass gathering? S/he? Lorth?