hunch was right.

I was listening to the coverage of the Rosa Park’s funeral…and specifically Bill Clinton’s remarks. Clinton was commenting on the effect of Park’s actions on him as a little boy.

I was in a cynical mooed as I heard this and thought to myself…man the usual suspects on the right will probably think that Clinton just took the opportunity to pat himself on the back for his wisdom as a little boy.

Nice to know that Limbaugh didn’t let me down.

Most sane folks would realize that Clinton was telling the story to illustrate how the actions of one woman in Alabama could ripple across the country in big ways and small. Limbaugh of course leaves out the rest of the quote…

Oh well. At least Rush is predictable.

Hey, you know what the difference is between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg?


Both are full of hot air and could explode with the slightest spark?

Re the Hindenburg: Oh, the humanity!
Re Limbaugh: Oh, the inanity!

The Hindenburg doesn’t loathe its job, and wouldn’t trade it all in a heartbeat to be a serious, professional, recognized sports reporter?

One’s a gigantic flaming gasbag, and the other’s just a blimp.


I believe the canonical response is:

One’s a flaming nazi gasbag. The other one’s a dirigible

The Hindenburg wasn’t a drug addict?

Aww geez…I’ll stick with Freud over bad typing.

Hey, don’t be cowed by the nitpickers!

PS I love the alternate answers to the riddle!

I heard someone say that Clinton’s claim was a bit hinky, because at the time he was 9 and going to school in Arkansas the buses (or schools?) were not segregated? Can anyone verify this, one way or the other?

The Little Rock schools were desegregated in 1957. I don’t know about the buses but somehow I doubt Arkansas was at the lead of the desegregation pack.

Yeah, let’s nail him! He probably never had the “Look for the union label” song sung to him as an infant, either! Fucker.

And props to Silas Sparkhammer of the snopes message board, who claims to have written the flaming Nazi gasbag joke, if I recall correctly.

Clinton turned 9 on August 19, 1955. As to whether Arkansas schools were integrated at the time, consider that in October 1957 the Arkansas governor, Orval Faubus, ordered the Arkansas National Guard to keep nine black students out of Central High School. President Eisenhower sent soldiers from the 101st Airborne and federalized the Arkansas National Guard in response.

My suspicion is that some people may be casting aspersions on Clinton’s story for nefarious purposes.

Actually I heard this part, which you claim was ‘left out’ on Rush’s show.

So what was your point again?

Read the transcript he linked to. It’s not in there. I assume he got Limbaugh’s take on Clinton’s speech from there, and not directly from the radio show.

Not sure about the buses themselves, but Eisenhower famously took over the state’s National Guard in 1957 in order to enforce desgregation law.

And on preview, i see that lno beat me to the punch.

Ok, thinking about it I have to admit I may have heard it from Hannity, I just remember hearing from some right wing host.

Hmm. I believe I read it first in 1991 or 1992, when I worked at a leftist bookstore in Chapel Hill; it was in a zine devoted to mocking Rush Limbaugh.


Good Lord, I moved to Chapel Hill in 1993! Were you still there then?