Limiting online job application... What to do?

Okay, so I’m applying to Borders, which ONLY accepts applications online. My current/previous employment situation is fairly complex - if not complex, it doesn’t allow for simplistic answers without being misleading. Problem is, the online form ONLY accepts simplistic answers. “Are you now employed? Yes or no?” “What were or are you paid at this job? Here are numerical ranges - pick one.”

Problem is, if I go ahead and put in the “closest” answers, the results are certain to be misleading to whoever’s in HR reading this, perhaps to the point where I won’t look available and reasonable to hire, which I think I am. Further, there’s no space whatsoever in this web form that I can see for me to explain any of it.

Any thoughts on what I could or should do?

PS: I hate online only forms for this reason. The other is that they make me give my SSN up front, which I hate.

If you are available and reasonable for hire then don’t give an answer that would result in them thinking otherwise, regardless of the ‘truthfullness’ of that answer. Find another truthful answer that will make you look good. If there’s some particularly egregious distorting you must do, you can always correct it at the interview.

Boy, this thread sure does go well with this one. Personally, my suggestion is to go apply some place other than Borders. You don’t think an actual human reads those applications, do you? I’ll bet they are sifted by a computer first, which kicks out anyone who doesn’t meet some unknown criteria. That’s the whole point of forcing people to apply this way. Don’t waste your time on a company which treats you like a number before you’re even hired.