AHHHHHH!!! The Linkin Park album came out today!! But alas, I didn’t cash my check yet, so I must wait 'till the morrow. My friend works at Sam Goody, so he’s holding onto a copy for me, just to make sure that no one deprives me of it.

I got a demo tape from them when I went to a Soulfly show a couple weeks ago. I put it in my tape player and listened to them for about oh, 5 minutes… to be honost… I think they suck. I’m pretty sure that your copy at Sam Goody’s is going to be safe from anyone else from trying to grab it.

Now if you want some GOOD music (in my opinion…) go for the new 60 Watt Shaman cd ‘Seed of Decades’. It rocks. That or Spineshank’s new cd.

I’m also looking forward to the new Clutch cd that is coming out in a couple months.

:::still in shock that someone knows who Linkin Park is::::