Lions pickup Dante Culpepper

The Lions picked up Culpepper with a 2 year contract. Can he help? He has been hurt and out of football for a while.
Fans have been pushing to have Stanton start. The coach responded by saying he did not want to embarrass him by starting him. Thats a hell of a thing to say about your “future” QB. This team is at the bottom and digging.

What was funny was that he ended up cancelling a meeting with Kansas City due to “better opportunities with another team” - when you get turned down for the Lions, that’s gotta sting.
He won’t be useful this year, not that it’ll matter. Next year he might be… not horrible.

I think the Lions need to reload. Job number 1 is getting the QB of the FutureTM. If that person is not available to the Lions in the next two years Culpepper is an OK choice to hold the fort while the other pieces are assembled. If that person does materialize in the next two years, I think it would be a bad mistake for future Bobby Layne to to be tutored and influenced and brought into the NFL culture by Culpepper who has had public angry shouting matches with Saban, furious public bad relations with Childress, public dissing of the Chiefs, etc. I would not do it even if it meant my team went 3-13 and 4-12 rather than 5-11 and 8-8.

I’m shocked it took this long for a team to sign him. I know he supposedly has rubbed some people the wrong way, but in the grand scheme of things his transgressions have been small potatoes. Mostly anything negative about him has been a result of him feeling disrespected, which makes him a prima donna but not really a cancer or a troublemaker in my book.

There are a lot of teams with terrible starting QBs, teams that don’t have a clear future developmental project either, and Culpepper was once an elite QB and his sharp decline could be entirely a result of returning too fast following an injury and being on an atrocious Miami team. The Chiefs and Lions should have been working him out on the preseason. The Bengals should have signed him the moment Palmer started having elbow issues, I think he could have been scary throwing to Ocho Cinco and Housh. The Cowboys could have been a great fit once Romo got dinged up. A return to Minnesota might have been very interesting with their weapons. Seattle could have given him a run, though I’m not sure he would have helped much with all those injuries. Unless Culpepper is completely out of shape I think several of these teams are stupid for not being more proactive in picking him up. All Culpepper wanted was a little more security than just being a 8 week fill-in, that’s pretty fair I think since he’d need some time to acclimate and he wouldn’t want to be judged by being a mid-season replacement on a struggling team.

I like the move for the Lions. They will probably be looking to draft a franchise QB at the top of the draft next year, and if Culpepper gets up to speed and develops a little chemistry with Calvin Johnson he could do wonders in turning them around while keeping the seat warm for a new young guy.

Lions are starting Orlavsky who has waited patiently. He will be disgruntled,but the move is sending a clear message to him. As a starter he sucks. Stanton is either not ready or not capable. The fans can not tell which because he gets no playing time.
We have to build for a future but Culpepper is not likely that. Not young and apparently fragile.
We are playing the Bears right now. The field conditions are terrible. Players are slipping and falling on the loose turf. The Lions missed an extra point when the kicker slipped on his push step.

No, this is the Lions, I’ve already read the script. The second they are officially eliminated from contention, Orlovsky will turn in Dan Marino for the rest of the season. They will sign him to a guaranteed bajillion dollar, 35 year contract. Then they will tailor the team around him, getting poor value in everything deal they make. Then on the way to the stadium for opening day next year he will get his arm ripped off by an annoyed mutant Ibex, and only have enough mobility in the remaining one to endorse his checks.

Orlovsky had a very good game.only throwing interceptions when he needed to so they would not win. Theey moved up and down the field quite well foe over half the game.

Cinci won. The Lions are last all by themselves.

Nick Saban is a complete fucking tool; Childress seems to be kind of a douche, too, so I don’t set much store by his squabbles with them.

I don’t know that you could say he “dissed the Chiefs”. If the Lions told him he could start in two weeks, and the Chiefs didn’t, he made a logical choice.

Interesting factoid: he’s the only black resident of Orange County (FL) registered as a Republican*. And yes, I’m serious.
*That is, the only registered Republican who checked “black” on his voter registration card.

No, no, no, no, no. They need an offensive line. Screw the quarterback of the future.

I think I will pass on your suggestion. But I agree with you that the o-line would have to be job 1. You can find decent QB talent in later rounds (ie. Brady, Bulger), they need talent up front and they need front office personnel that can identfy worth while draft talent.

We will have a lot of draft choices this year. A line can be drafted. It seems the Lion brass is not happy with any of the QBs. Kitna was benched, Orlavsky is being replaced and Stanton wont get a start. The most important position in the game is empty. Good QBs can be drafted well back in the draft. Dante signed for 2 years. Then what. He is not that old but he is that injured. If he is healthy ,he could be the QB of the near future. maybe 6 years. By then a new QB can be trained or free agented.
I wonder how bad the defensive back field is. If you can not pressure the QB ,the defense will get beat. We drafted for speed . Can they do the job if good defensive linemen can be drafted. All we have in Detroit is questions.
Just think, GM ,gone. Coach that sucks and brings friends and family . Marinelli is likely gone. A front office shake up looms. QB controversy is alive and well. Where can you scrape up any optimism?

I hear the stadium’s pretty nice.

Orlovsky is now hurt. do they start Cilpepper with just three practices or Stanton?

Word is Culpepper starts but I do not believe it. If a backup who practices for months is not ready ,how can a new QB be ready?

Meh. Colletto apparently runs a similar system to Mike Tice’s. He’s been in the league for ten years. He’ll be fine.

I suppose this tells you more about what they think of Stanton than anything.

It tells me they do not like Kitna,Orlavsky or Stanton. They picked them and now hate them all. Does that make Henson number 1 backup?

Is Henson even on the roster?

Kitna’s out of the picture. He’s already proven that he can’t produce with that offense around him. Orlovsky has actually established himself as a long-term solution at the #2 spot, IMHO. He hasn’t played well, but he’s shown enough to make people believe that he can win some games on a solid team.

Henson is still here.But why play Orlavsky if they do not believe in him? Marinelli has himself in a no win. All of his options are bad. He brings Culpepper in off the street and has to start him.

Stop worrying about your losing team, and go to GD and celebrate your winning team. :wink: