Little girl becomes a traitor at the Jedi Academy

At Disneyland they have a Jedi Academy where kids get to fight Darth Vader, this little girl decided she wanted to join the dark side instead.

Impressive. Most impressive.

Aw damn, they didn’t even give the girl a freaking lightsaber so she could mow down the Jedi nitwits.


On the plus side, those actors will be laughing about that afternoon for a good long time now.

Cookies make everything better.

It is all because of the cookies, obviously.:smiley:

Where is Cometothedarksidewehavecookies when you need her?

She had a lightsaber.

I’ve seen this show many times and have been waiting for a kid to do this.

:cool: That’s what I came here to say.

SDMB, with all your smarties… darn it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, she’s failing to become a traitor. The Galactic Empire is the government; the rebels are the traitors.

Of course, they’re right. But that doesn’t mean that attempting to overthrow the government to which you are subject isn’t treason, no matter whether that overthrow is justified.

On a side note: When the Attackclan was in Ontario last, we dropped by the Ontario Science Centre for the Harry Potter exhibit. The whole thing started off with a sorting hat ceremony. First they sorted a couple of smaller kids into Griffyndor, then said 'does anyone want to try any of the other houses?". Attacklass put up her hand - she’s a huge HP fan - and they had her come up and they asked what house she’d be interested in, and stuck the hat on her head. She said the best part was seeing everyone moving back when the hat said “Slytherin”.

Smart kid. The dark side has better powers anyway.


I assumed that ‘traitor’ wasn’t meant with respect to a government, but (tongue in cheek) with respect to the Jedi Academy itself.

In-universe, I would certainly argue that any Jedi Padawan who had been trained by a Jedi Council-sanctioned Master, and then agreed to serve Darth Vader and join the dark side, would be a traitor to the ‘Jedi cause’. They might also be considered a traitor to the old Republic if they had lived while it was theoretically in existence, but that becomes a lot murkier.
And then you get into the question of whether Leia Organa, for instance, is truly a traitor against the Empire. To me, it depends on whether there was ever trust on either side between the Emperor and her family, or simply a refusal to go to war yet.

Oh sure, I know what they meant, was just having fun pointing out the different perspective.

And IIRC (IANASWG), Leia was a Senator at the beginning of A New Hope, yet was working for the Rebellion as well. If Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) was secretly working for Al Quaeda, would he be a traitor?

He would be a double agent for certain. As for traitor? Yes, I think so - somebody elected to congress in the US system is clearly put into a position of trust by the people. Whether or not they trust the nation or the constitution at the time they run for office, they’re a traitor if the abuse that trust to support the country’s enemies.

By the time Leia would be old enough to run for office, however, Palpatine was the government of the Empire. For whatever reasons of his own, he’d left the old Republic Senate as an operating institution until shortly ‘Star Wars: A new Hope.’ Tarkin said that the Senate was being disbanded during one of the Death Star scenes.

So the question was - did Palpatine trust his Senate in the same way that the US government trusts its own? If not, if he was simply using it to pacify powerful enemies until he could openly defy them, then I’m not sure if it counts the same way.


I think it’s the kneel and bow that makes it.

Oh, did I need that after the long day I had. That is my kind of kid.

The kid’s got style.

Wonder if it was her own idea or if her parents coached her to do that.

My daughter and I both laughed our asses off at that.
When my wife came into the room to ask what was so funny we showed it to her - her response?


i believe that her dad bail organa was the senator for alderaan at the begining of star wars. leia was working with him with regard to the rebellion as she would be able to do more under cover type things. i would guess doing princess type/ambassador type things as mum was the queen.