Little Gray Guy web site - closing after 16 years

One of the early erotica sites will stop updating after March 2017. But it will host the old content for the foreseeable future. Over 400 models have posed since 2000.

Very simple premise. A model undresses, shows some skin and poses with a grey cat. :smiley:

Quite tame compared to what passes for erotica these days. The web site has remained popular all these years. So popular that some fairly big names in adult entertainment have modeled there. I’ve wondered how he’s managed to book some of those big name models for a free web site.

Here’s an example featuring jenna j ross without nudity.

Humor sometimes results when the model seems uncomfortable handling the cat.

I guess the cat is getting a bit old now and that may be why the photographer won’t be updating the site anymore.

I hope @marcophotola continues updating the Twitter account. @LittleGrayGuy

My grandmother had a grey cat similar to this one. She called him blue boy.

Grey cats are some of the prettier cats.

The twin of my last cat, Little Bear. He lived to be 20, and is now buried under the pussy willows.

I didn’t know about this site.
It is a very fun site! Fun and sexy without being pornographic.
Thanks for sharing.

Never heard of that, but this sounds like an American Tragedy. Never ask for whom the porn bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

…kinda looks like the “Can I haz a cheezeburger” gray cat of internet fame.
Those gray cats have quite the life.:smiley:

I’ve had it bookmarked for at least ten years. It’s fun entertainment. Everybody loves cats.

I don’t visit hard core sites and don’t want that type of material on my phone or PC.

This thread is much more fun, given the subject matter, if all references to the word “cat” are replaced with the word “pussy”. An opportunity missed for entendres galore!*

  • Pussy Galore - I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity.