Little touchy, are we?

Is it the heat? The fact that school is out and boredom has set in? It’s just too nice to be cooped up in the office? What? Everyone on the boards seems so ANGRY lately. I swear, I even saw **Zenster ** get a little impatient the other day. All I can think is he was trapped in the same traffic on the 101 as me.

Nor am I immune. Someone drove up my butt this morning and I slammed on my brakes as hard as I could just for the satisfaction of watching the fear in the driver’s eyes. I actually maliciously enjoyed it…

What is the deal with all of us lately?:confused:

I was reading the phone-sex ads at the back of the Village Voice, and I saw one headlined, “TALK TO HOT NASTY WOMEN.” And I thought, I do that every day on the subway: “Jesus Christ, this goddam train is stifling—can’t they turn on the f*cking a/c?!”

LMAO, Eve.

So do you live in Manhattan or NJ? I live near Sandy Hook, NJ.

LOL, Eve!

I think it is the heat. My neighbor puts up with me blasting my rock & roll music at ungodly volumes during the day, but when she chooses to play her swing music at 9am and I’m trying to sleep… well that’s too much to handle. So, after tossing and turning for about 15 minutes trying to fall back asleep, I pried open my window and screamed “It’s 9A.M., turn that shit down!” at the top of my lungs.

That’s when I realize that my clock radio stations got screwed up and the noise was actually emanating from my room all along.

Still didn’t apologize, though… :cool:

AWWWWwwwwwwwwwww… somebody needs a huggy wuggy! {{{Maureen}}}

Hugs from you are always welcom, Danny Boy, even if they are slightly condescending :wink:

I do hope that guy from this morning can get the stains out of his car seat, tho… I feel bad for drawing his attention away from his cell phone. Almost.

Now, now. I had my Condescension Gear shifted all the way back.

A couple of years ago, I had a thread on this very topic. So there! Nyah!

I’m not angry. I’m nauseated (I succumb to heat sickness far too easily). So I’m whiny. Which makes others impatient, and then angry.

See, there’s your explanation.

It’s a combination of heat and “American Idol” withdrawal.

Can’t be the heat for all of us. Those of us in England have crappy weather at the moMENT. I WANT A HEATWAVE DAMN IT!

NOO! don’t say that, this weathers perfect!! Not as perfect as snow or bitter cold, but you can’t have everything in July.

Well the England weather is making me angry. It ruined my camping trip and made my hair look like a nest.

Take my heat wave … PLEASE! Right after I win the lottery I’m going to move away from Texas to someplace much more pleasant in the summer … like the Sahara or something …

You guys in England can have my weather, honest!!

Angel, you are welcome to some of our heat and sunshine. 97 in the shade is too hot, dammit.

Our weather will be better next week. Its only crappy 'cause Wimbledon is on. Its some kind of ritualistic raindance…never fails!!

97 in the shade is too damned hot! 97 in the SUN is too damned hot! Heck, 97 in a SAUNA is TOO DAMNED HOT!!!

Heat! Hurrah! lol

Oh and Pebbles131 I think you’re right about Wimbledon!

I’m not angry! I’m a happy newbie!

The website I suggested,
made it into Weird Earl’s this week!

TubaDiva rocks!
Lynn Bodoni rocks! (because she suggested I submit it for Weird Earl)
Thesauruses rock!

:slight_smile: :cool: :slight_smile: :cool: :slight_smile:

Aha! Found it!

Seattle = 75° and breezy

I couldn’t be happier or more congenial. Why, I’m the very picture of bonhomie. :cool:

OTOH, the whole Suzie Sunshine bit is off if it rains tomorrow. It never fails to rains here on the 4th of July.

Dantheman , as always, I bow to the master.
not THAT way, you perv! stopit! Don’t you EVER get enough?