Local looney returns

This may end up in the BBQ pit, but I just have to note that this guy returned to my local university this week to preach. He’s been coming here for as long as I can remember. What surprises me is he has a wife and a kid and he dragged them here too.

Heh, we’re all used to these lunatics condemning homosexuals to hell, but I haven’t really see them seriously rant about masturbation all that often. If he’s right, I’m glad I’m going to hell. Heaven must be a very lonely place.

Every campus has one; here’s the one who haunted the University of Florida in the late 70s/early 80s when I was there:

His wife - Sister (formerly “Disco”) Cindy was allegedly a student who tried to tempt him into sinning, but he brought her to Jesus at the local Krystal hamburger place.


We had two of these guys at the U of I. “Mad Max” was a guy named named Max who used to be a math teacher at Indiana IIRC. He has been doing the “lecture circuit” for decades (my aunt went to the U of I in the early 1980s and remembered him) - looks like a football coach, older fella with ball cap and mirrored aviator glasses. He had a set of routines that people knew by heart, it was like going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show:

“Know why there’s so much sin?”
(Crowd responds with a mighty roar) “There’s so many SINNERS!”

And the crowd favorite routine about the battle of magog, featuring the “Super Cosmic Ray Gun” that the Lord would use to smite the sinners (including sinners in a Soviet T72 main battle tank, represented by a stray styrofoam cup with a twig shoved into it).

Entertaining, really.

The other guy was “Brother Mike” who was just offensive. Younger guy in his late 20s or early 30s who carried an enormous wooden cross and was there with his pregnant wife and their three little children who had been pressed into service handing out literature to everyone who walked by. Wife wore a very large pin that said “I love to serve my husband” and the little kids obviously didn’t understand what was going on. I felt very sorry for the kids. Mike struck me as a real loser who lived out of his van and I think that Mrs. Mike had herself some issues.

Only one loony? We get several

Hey, I didn’t know you were a fellow Gator! Let me tell you, I was at UF from 1996 to 2000 and again from 2001 to 2003, and Brother Jed STILL preaches there every year or two, for a few weeks at a time. He’s quite the institution (in that he probably should be institutionalized).

I don’t believe in either heaven or hell, but if they do exist, and Michael Venyah is slated for heaven, please confirm my reservation for hell. I’ve had to share enough space with people like him in this life. I want no part of his kind in another life. Since Venyah is a man, it’s safe to assume that he masturbates, too. Probably more than the rest of us. I’m sorry for his kids. They’re being brought up with a twisted perception of humanity. I grew up in that crap, too, but managed to escape it pretty much by the time I was fourteen.
Say, how about moving this to the Pit, where we can really express our displeasure with this tool.

NC State University has the Brickyard Preacher. According to him, everyone who isn’t a straight male, or a straight submissive female, is going to hell. I remember seeing a fellow mechanical engineering student perform the “Party Boy” (from Jackass) in front of him. During my last semester, there was a new guy who preached about the evils of sex and booze. He attracted quite a following of people quite happy to shout out “I AM!!!” every time he yelled “Who’s a fornicator?” or some other similar question. We also had Bible Reading Guy, who would stand under the trees next to the Brickyard and read the Bible out loud. He seemed pretty harmless though.

We were also invaded once by a group of giant-sign-toting hell preachers. Unfortunately, they showed up on a very windy day, so their signs kept collapsing. The woman who accosted me wasn’t very happy when I pointed out all the structural flaws in her sign.

Oh gosh, Venyah made an appearance on my campus too. Im glad I missed his… preaching. The GLBT group protested his presence on campus by surrounding him with bright signs and blocking his view of others he would attack. Two weeks later and there are still opinion articles in the campus paper talking about whether he should be allowed back on campus or not.

Between Venyah and the pushy LaRouche crowd, walking around campus can be rather exciting at the moment.

It’s cause you go to cow college.

Hoddy toddy,


(I kid, I kid because I care.)

We just had some guy called the Pit Preacher at Carolina. I’m sure there’s no similarity to this “Brickyard Preacher” whatsoever. :wink:

/misses being condemned for popery

He used to visit us up at BGSU in Ohio every spring! What a circus.

Mad Max was at IU Bloomington when I was there (late 80’s). He loved to shout about how all sorority girls were sluts.

There was occasionally another guy that carried a giganitic cross while his wife handed out pamphlets, wearing a button that said “I live to serve my husband”.

Here in small town Carolina, a few years back a guy who used to drive around town in an old station wagon with a PA on top preaching at full blast in the early a.m. got shot in the head. He recovered and took it as a sign that god wanted him to keep doing it. After the second time he got shot, he quit.

Why does this give me a mental image of an older creep with a hot, but trashy and not too bright coed in the back seat of a '67 Nova in the parking lot of a burger joint going, “Oh! Jesus! Oh! Jesus! Oh! Yes, Goooooooood!”

As soon as I saw the OP I thought of Brother Jed and Sister Cindy who came to U.C. San Diego once or twice a year when I was there in the 80’s. Fun times.

When I pass by this type of person I just say “Get a job,” and move on. They really don’t have much to say to that.

Brother Jed used to come to Iowa State, too. (I was there from '83-'88.) The fun part was when he would start railing against Zevs Cosmos, founder of the Nudist Christian Church. Jed was a much more practiced orator, but Zevs was the local favorite. How do you not like a guy who sold nudist t-shirts?

I can’t remember his name, but we had a guy like that on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. Wait–I do remember, it was Brother Stephen.

He would scream and rant about how we were all sinners, would call ramdom women “sluts”, and denounce gay people.

A few years ago, he was busted for trying to solicit sex from a 13 year old boy. :smack: :rolleyes:

Don’t forget the leprechauns. Once a year, there was a group of men that would show up at Iowa State and hand out Bibles, or maybe New Testaments, on campus. They were always older men, short, and wore green suits.

Wow - I had no idea Brother Jed & Sister Cindy were so…well-traveled :smiley:

Yep, Lou - go Gators and all that :stuck_out_tongue: