Lollapalooza lineup

Janes Addiction
Queens of the Stone Age
Jurrassic 5

Amazing lineup.

Lollapalooz is back, huh? Unfortunately not coming to a city near me.

I can do without Jane’s Addiction (Played them out senior year of HS, saw them 3x in 1991)
Audioslave is boring.
Incubus = decent
QotSA = great stuff
J5 = great Stuff
I may go, but probably won’t. If there is a lot of good/interesting 2nd stage bands playing I could probably be talked into it. But I must say that this is one of the better lineups of the past few lollipop loozer tours.

Went to the first one, liked it lots.
Went to the second one, hated it. Soundgarden, Ministry and Jim Rose were pretty cool but this was about the time I realized I couldn’t stand being around the “alt-rock” ® crowd. I haven’t been back to one since.
We’ll see what this shapes up to look like. Maybe get my old ass for some fun.