Long Road Trips in the MMP

Howdy. Happy New Week!

Hubby made it back after driving 2350 miles in eight days. I know the FCM In-laws are about to take a long road trip. What’s your longest distance road trip in a short period of time? Before we moved to the Keys we would hop into the car on a Firday and drive here which is 750 miles from old home in Jawja and stay just for the weekend. It was nothing to do that 1500 miles in three days. Not anymore.

I don’t want to go to irk today but I will dammit.

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 41 Amurrkin out and clear (dark, actually) with a predicted high of 57 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. The longest trip I have ever made was with family driving from Ye Olde Home Towne to Detroit, MI to visit my aunt (mom’s sis) and family. Hated it. I do not like long drives. I don’t like flyin’ either but accept it as the best means for goin’ long distances. Today’s plans include defilthyfyin’ da cave, makin’ sup which will be boxed lasagna (don’t judge!), sallit, and garlic bread. Also tonight is vestry meetin’ over to the church house. I also have a bunch of readin’ to get done before Firday and CDI time. Rah.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

More snow to shovel. Rah. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was in college, I went from West Lafayette, IN to Denver in a single 24-hour shot. Then 5 days later, I did the same going back. You do dumb stuff when you’re young. Now, the worst we do is the 800 miles between home and Ocala. It’s not too awful with 2 drivers, tho it still sucks.

Slug mode in bed for a bit. Happy Moanday!!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work.

Happy Moonday!

My son just announced he is going back to bed. He won’t be happy when I tell him to shovel the snow first. It’s not much, but people are going to start being active soon.

Ripple woke me a half hour before the alarm was to go off, I’m not sure if it was trash trucks or snow plows that had him excited.

Last night I dreamed a friend of mine sold me her house for not very much money. Even in my dream I was thinking this is way too much house for me, and in reality, even if she gave me the house, the taxes and hoa fees are probably more than I can afford. Reality is also, that she has children and grandchildren, she’s not going to leave anything to me, and I wouldn’t expect it or want it.

I hate road trips, and I haven’t taken any really long ones. There were times when I was younger that I’d drive to Ocean City and back in the same day, about 3 hours each way. I also drove to the family reunion a few times and came back the same day, 6 hours each way. Now, the 2 hour drive to the armpit is more than I want to do.
My grandparents moved to CA when I was a kid, they used to make the drive back to the east coast every few years. They’d stay in MD for a while, driving around visiting family, then go to VA, then WV. When we’d go see them in CA, we’d be driving all over the place. A lot of vacations when I was too young to object was a lot of driving around. Camping, and driving all day to the next camp site, day after day.
I guess I have been the passenger, not the driver, on some long ones.
Probably why I hate road trips, that and that I used to drive a lot for irk.

Up and about. I’ve tended to the critters, refilled their fountain reservoir, and cleaned and refilled the pellet stove. Best guess: we got 3-4 more inches of evil white stuff last night. Sure glad I don’t have to go to work this morning. :smiley:

My parents and sister and I used to drive to visit our grandparents in Ontario, a 4-hour drive. I found it an enjoyable trip, not too long.

I’ve been on two different all-day bus trips (Saskatoon to Banff, Salzburg to Tuscany.) On both occasions I was on a bus full of friends, so I had lots of fun. :slight_smile:

Wife and I did a 4500 mile road trip last fall. Visiting family all over the US. Drive, drive drive, stay a night or two, drive drive drive. Longest daily drive was 1000 miles. That’s not really unusual for us. Audio books and XM radio is a lifesaver for such a trip.

Morning all.

I think my personal 1-day record is about 800 miles in one day, from St. Louis to Denver. In my 30’s I did a lot of driving for vacation, I think for the Denver trip it was about 3,400 miles in total, but these days I let the airlines do most of the driving. I am planning a road trip of sorts this early summer to New England (fly to Boston and rent a car) and the Rockies (fly to Denver-Rapid City and rent a car) so I’ll pile up a few miles there. But more than 400 miles in a day really wears me down.

Laundry has reached the Something Must Be Done stage, and since I don’t want to buy any new clothes, I guess I’ll need to fire up the washer and dryer. Other than that and cleaning the bathroom, nothing much on the agenda.

At irk, dammit. I hate Moanday’s.

In college, we did a service trip from our campus in Green Bay to Austin, Texas. With switching drivers and a few meal stops, we drove straight through, about 20 hours each way. I had the middle of the night shift – during an ice storm. The ice accumulated on our antenna and snapped it right off. Scared the crap out of me and the other minivan of students behind us because it hit their hood.

Niece is adorable. Romeo and I visited her on Friday afternoon and she’s a sweetie. Everyone’s home right now and chilling. I brought Juliet Jr. and Romeo Jr. over to meet her yesterday afternoon. My daughter is just in love with her little cousin; she said “She’s so sweet and beautiful. I just love her!” My son waved at her, kissed her forehead and then stopped being interested in her. He realized at dinner time that he is no longer the baby anymore, though. He wanted to sit on Grammy’s lap to eat dinner, but Grammy was holding the baby so my sister-in-law could eat. My son was NOT having it that someone else got to sit with Grammy and proceeded to lay in my brother’s foyer pitching a fit.

1000 miles in 24 hours ---- a deliberate “Iron Butt” tour. I will NOT be doing another. It took the same amount of planning as the Normandy Invasion and left me basically wiped out for three days after.

NYC to Oakland CA in 3.5 days but one of my early bosses outside the family was an official for-real Cannonball Baker participant and did like 37 hours; he was part of the actual team that used a van and was the founder of the Polish Racing Drivers of America. And if you were a boy back in the day and my age now and got his mail-order catalog of models, slot cars, and other cool junk you know who I mean. First name was Oscar.

Pittsburgh to the Orange County Convention Center several/many times in 15-17 hours

I basically did a “four corners tour” (Maine to Washington to Southern California to Florida and back to Pittsburgh but I used a month. I’ve had intentions of doing the actual Four Corners thing but its always been next year.

Most of my long-distance-fast things have been motorcycle but the trip to Florida every year was car.

The sun is shining, which is a happy thing.
It’s still cold, only 30 degrees outside.

I don’t know what I want to do today, lots to do, most of it not fun.

I’ve done 1500 miles in three days, solo driving, for the Canadian MLB tour (before the Expos left). Done 5000 mile round trips, driving straight thru to ABQ & then starting to head back < 48 hrs later a couple of times. Long weekend trips are not uncommon for me. 300± miles one day, race, then come home the next day. One last summer was about 700 miles in 24ish hrs. Yeah, I didn’t do much but sleep on Sunday.

Heading up to the Catskills for a Pri-Bi this weekend & then to the opposite end of the state in the beginning of Feb for the long-range weather forecast. :slight_smile:
(Wanna come out to the craziness, Ruble (or any other dopers)?
This weekend, I went [del]through[/del] to the Big D, but I do mean Dallas. Of course I was appropriately attired in home team colors (mine, not ::shudder:: theirs).

Twas a big weekend there…she likes me! No, not her, I know she likes me (because I know she lurves me); met her sister, & she likes me so I passed (the first part of) meet the fambily. :slight_smile:

Back in my yoot, doing 500-600 miles a day with a car full of kids and animals was the norm. When you only have 15 days leave, you tend to live dangerously. The longest stretch was when I pushed our stay too close to my due-back date and drove from Rawlins, MT to Oxnard, CA, which was about a 15 hour drive. I don’t remember the last couple hundred miles. Nowadays I can barely make 300 a day, and we plan our trips accordingly, hitting every rest stop.

The longest drive I generally do is the 400 mile trip Oop North- it can take upwards of 10 hours though, due to traffic, and it’s just me, so no-one to switch with if I get tahred. Split over 2 days it’s OK, but 7 hours driving per day is my limit.

We had a fambly holiday when I was a kid where we flew to Amsterdam, rented a car and drove to Switzerland and back in a week (right in midwinter, it was a silly idea all round, really). I wasn’t doing any driving, luckily, being a little too young, but that was a Bit Much time in a car.

Yesterday’s attempt at defilthifying didn’t quite go to plan- there’s a pipe dripping into one of the cupboards. It’s a pretty unimportant pipe, just catching the drips from the draining board, but the leak’s still making the cupboard all soggy at the back. I reckon I can sort it myself easy enough, just need to get some tape.

Speaking of road trips, I’m not wearing my seatbelt anymore!
“Americans now have a 1 in 96 chance of dying from an opioid overdose, according to the council’s analysis of 2017 data on accidental death. The probability of dying in a motor vehicle crash is 1 in 103.”

a) How you doing with that frontstuffer? Having fun?

b) We’ve discussed this before. I did GHD a couple times kinda and just didn’t enjoy it. I’m more the Ohio Buzzard Festival type being a bit of a buzzard myself. :wink: My trips to Punxy were usually for the 1000 yard benchrest shoots. Be nervous Phil ---- be very nervous. :smiley:

The vet called and my poor kitty has heart disease.
I have to go pick up a prescription for him, but I am doing it tomorrow.
I’m glad we caught it early.

It’s warmed up to 34, just enough for the snow to melt and then freeze over tonight.

The sun has come out. Roxy hasn’t napped yet - the kid is wired!!!

SIL’s brother cleared part of our driveway, and daughter and **FCD **finished it. There was barely an inch of slush, so I didn’t worry too much about **FCD **being out there.

I vacuumed, fed the RoxStar twice, changed a mega-poopy diaper, had my own lunch (after a good hand-washing, of course) and I’ve got the dishwasher going. I need to run to the grocery store - I may do that now.