Long Road Trips in the MMP

My husband just drove about 600 miles down to Jawja. He is flying back home and has sworn off driving down again. Next time we fly both ways, says he.

My family and I love road trips. Here are the distances one some 2-week-long ones we’ve taken:

2 weeks, 7413 miles - NYC to San Diego and back
2 weeks, 6268 miles - NYC to Idaho and back
2 weeks, 6813 miles - NYC to Banff and back
2 weeks, 5188 miles - NYC to Mount Rushmore and back
2 weeks, 4502 miles - NYC to Dallas and back

For a shorter span, some of our bests are:

5 days, 3093 miles - NYC to L’Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland and back (plus ferries)

Rule of thumb is to figure an average of 50mph. Yes, you’ll probably drive faster than that, but gasoline, bio & food stops bring the average down to about 50mph. That means San Diego was about 10 hrs/day in the car & Newfoundland was about 12 (even if you put your average at 60mph, you’re still talking 8-10 hrs/day in the car). Did you go for something specific (wedding/funeral) that required you to be at the destination because it seems the majority of that trip would be in the car rather than doing anything fun.

I drove cross country a lot when I was a young feller. In little British sports cars, no less. I would plan on 700 mi in 14 hours, and then I’d stop for the night. My fastest trip, however, was when I moved to Oregon. I drove from Detroit to Eugene, Orygun in 42 hours.

These days when we make the 2 hour drive to see the ‘away kids’ it’s painful getting out of the car. I just can’t do it anymore. And I hate flying. Unless it’s to Hawaii. :smiley:

I like riding trains though. Too bad it costs more than flying.

Bumba, I can still do 400+ miles in a day with only one stop, but like you I’m usually sore and ready for an early bedtime when I do it.

Spidey, I agree, that’s a lot of driving; I try to drive to get somewhere, not just to drive.

Sari, I hope your [del]pus…[/del] cat gets better (I apologize, but low humor is all I have to offer on Moandays).

Ruble, You made me look up Polish Racing Drivers of America, so of course there is such an organization. Ain’t America wonderful?

Juliet, so Romeo, Jr. isn’t the ‘baby’ of the family anymore? He’ll get over it, I’m sure (give him 6-8 months…)

Got my Monday #7 at JJ’s and decided while I was presentable to get my haircut ($10 for about 10 minutes work). Laundry is the afternoon chore, one load in the washer, one in the dryer, and two more waiting.

I’m sure he will. His cousin was almost the same age when he was born and went through the same thing. Once the baby is a little bigger and more interesting, he’ll be cool with the baby… and hopefully getting less of Grammy’s attention. It’s so freaking cute how much my daughter digs her little cousin, though.

I’m kind of stuck with work. I have a few projects I’m working on and they all seem to be stuck waiting for contributions from others. For one, I need an engineer to review something for accuracy. For another, I’m waiting for a diagram to be completed so I can annotate it and include it. For another, I’m waiting for sales to come through with specs. And so on. I’m trying to fill the time with other small things, but between digging for small things and my boss being off today, I’m just not motivated to complete anything…

Poor Roxy has the crud and she’s such a joy when she doesn’t feel well…

That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t catch the tone. Poor thing is all snotty and cough-y and she won’t nap. I hope it passes soon.

Meanwhile, I need to figure out what to do for supper. Something with chicken. Not sure what.

Yall gave me ya cold crappie rain…Now we’re having the great flood of 19…it’s been raining since beforeally what would normally be daylight

Sarita I do hoke kitty gets better …

As for trips I’ve Deen on several … bbl

I forgot to tell you about dinner last night.
We roasted a pork loin, low and slow at about 350 for about 90 minutes, then at ~425 for ten minutes to brown it up on top. It was really moist and tender :smiley: Y’all should try it thata way.
We also had cooked carrots and tatties and neeps, mashed with some sour cream. Yum!

Oh. And I won the lottery!

It was only 4 out of 6, so $42.00, but still, I won sumpin!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled…whatever this is.


We wanted to see the great sites of North America, some of which are far away from us (and many of which are en route to such farther places) with two weeks vacation time and a family budget. If teleportation were possible, I’d be thrilled to skip the driving portion, but even with the length and (sometimes) tedium of the drives, my wife and I and our kids (to the extent that they’re old enough to remember) feel it’s been well worth it. The last of those two-weekers was in 2015, and our kids are begging us to plan another one already.

Yay on the lottery win bumba!

As for road trips, the longest one in the shortest amoung of time was back in my wild and mispent youth. My bestie moved back to Indiana from El Paso, TX (1585 miles according to GoogleMaps) but left her furniture in storage down there. Once she found a place up north, she and I headed to El Paso from Fort Wayne, IN on a Tuesday in her Ford Currier truck. We took two days down, rented a U-Haul, loaded it up, spent the night and reversed. I had a bad case of truck butt.

Other than that, I’ve made the trip from Fort Wayne to Durango, CO a couple of times, but they were spaced better, from South Bend to Houston, Nashville to Houston and Nashville to Miami. Anymore, the most I’ll do is sixteen hours on the road before pulling off for the night. When I first moved to Tennessee, I would make the 400 mile trip up to the folks’ with only one stop, and that was mostly because my first S10 had a small gas tank and that was beyond its range. Now, I stop a minimum of three times, more if I have Nelson with me.

Haven’t had it out, plan is (was?) to play this week ‘cause one should practice befo’ race; however, the long range forecast is I potentially ain’t going nowhere. (Possibly up to 1’ of snow/wintery mix in NYC…& into the Catskills w/o 4WD; not the bestest of ideas. Last year, it was postponed a week due to weather (in that case, we had a warm spell of 60°s during the day, so everything melted & then refroze at night, so it was all a literal sheet of ice.)

We shall see.

I entered the lottery today. Will find out if I’m in the end of next month. I sho’ hope so. They take roughly 1/3 of entrants & this is my third year in a row applying.
Din shall be messy Joseph’s in a few mins. New guy tried to do something…the hard way…multiple times before throwing in the towel & giving up at 5:30. Guess who had to stay & fix it. :mad:

Good evening mumpers, the sun is still up in my world, but not for much longer. I have been battling with my blood sugar since last night; it’s sitting at 81 right now, and it had better stay there or a tad higher or . . . well, or else!

I absolutely lurve road trippin’! The longest I have done was to leave Sultan on Highway 2 to drive down to Highway 90 up to Snoqualmie Pass and then head on east’ish until I got to Mentor on the Lake, Ohio. Google says that it’s a 2,443.2 mile trip, and I’m sure that’s true if you drive straight through Highway 90, but I took some side roads, and at the time there were a lot of detours. The memories . . . I was 20, (1980) I had broken up with the boyfriend and left in my nifty wee 1961 Rambler American. If Pepto Bismol were green instead of pink, that’s the color the car was. No radio, no locks on the doors, no seat belts, push-button start. Her top speed was 40 mph or she would shake as if she had the palsy. I left mid-December, spent a month with my brothers and my youngest brother’s wife in an old farmhouse in the country. After a month the boyfriend convinced me to come back, and so I did (I mentioned I was only 20 at the time, right?). There are tales from the road, but they will save for another time.

I am sorry for everyone who is having winter and hating it, we have been having spring-like weather, and I do not like it. We need some cold, both for my garden as well as to kill off some of the bugs. Too many mosquitos and fleas!!!

This Saturday (if I am not still a sickie) we will have our belated Christmas with my Auntie and Cousin, and probably Cousin’s boyfriend. lol, When I met him for the first time in 2012 we had spoken for all of 10 minutes before I blurted out “You spent time in Kodiak, didn’t you?” and he had! Alaskans stick together, and down here we stick out! Anyway, I’ll be baking myself silly this week, anyone wanna volunteer for cookie duty? :smiley:

Hi Everyone!

In my part of the universe, we get 2684 mm of rain per year. That’s over 100 inches. I’m from the deserts of Utah, never having owned an umbrella until I moved to Asia.

Today is a nice day. Sunny and mild temperatures.

Bumba, congrats on the lottery win; don’t spend it all in one place…

FCM, better thee than me with Roxy. One benefit of being single is that I’ve never had to change a diaper and I guarantee it IS NOT on my Bucket list…

Laundry is washed/dried/put in the proper places. Dinner has been consumed and I’ll be heading off to sleepage land in a bit.

Worked. We had the 90% off Xmas clearence start today ,so I had 8 hours of “How much is thisprepriced item?”:rolleyes:

11 hours to Nashville : waves at red :
14 hours to Lawn Guyland : misses rosie :

: starts coast to coast road trip :

In terms of most miles in a short period, we did about 2000 miles in a weekend, driving from Brownsville, TX to San Mateo, CA.

Happy Moanday!

Late Summer, 1969, after Woodstock (which I never heard of until later):

Rebuilt VW bus engine between 0800 and 0930. Slept for a while, then loaded bus for moving from Bedford, MA.

Drove the Mass Turnpike to the NY Freeway (Berkshire and upstate regions through Albany and Rochester to Buffalo. I-80/90 to Angola, IN, and stopped to sleep for a night. Through Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, then Louisville and Nashville on I-65, finally through Ardmore, TN/AL, and in to Huntsville. Upon arriving at home was notified that the band director at my college was mighty angry I had missed a couple of days of band camp. So I got the last 75 miles of the 1500+ done in time to fall in for band camp.

Thirteen months later I was in the Navy, and learning a few things for the first time in my life.

Good times.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 44 Amurrkin out and cloudy (well, dark) with a predicted high of 55 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. I was goin’ to post last night after Vestry meetin’ but didn’t. After a two and a half hour meetin’ which mostly consisted of discussion about the 2019 budget, my brain was fried and all I wante!d to do was go to bed. Laundry shall be accomplished today. We shall sup upon poke tenderloin, peas 'n carrots, smashed N.O.T. and rolls. I do not have anywhere I need to go so I intend for this to be a day in da cave.

Some of y’all have made some loooooooooooooong road trips! Way more that I would ever want to attempt.

MOOOOOOM hope RoxStar is feelin’ better today, bless her little heart!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Just for the record, it was 14°F when I let Higgs out this morning. My ride to work was fine till I got to the parking lot - it was very icy, so I walked very slowly. But I’m here, so rah!

Poor li’l RoxStar is a snot machine on overtime. You can tell she feels miserable. I heard Daughter get up with her in the wee small hours, but it was quiet when I got up, so she must have fallen back to sleep. I’m sure both of them are feeling raggedy. :frowning:

Meanwhile, I have a pile of crap on my desk, so I’m good to go for the next 3 days.

Happy Tuesday!