Long time...

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I have even been to the board. I see a few names I know and way too many that I don’t. -Hey Uncle Beer, Drain Bead and of course Satan!- Most of you may not even remember me…one dope fest and I disappear…hmmmm…I need to catch up.

Hi Doll. I would take the time to catch you up on some things but I have no idea where to begin. I just popped in to say hi and welcome back. :slight_smile:

Hey Crunchy Frog-nice. God, I couldn’t even tell you how long I’ve been ‘away’ so how could you know where to begin. I guess when you are sitting at your PC on a Friday night at 12:20am you start to wonder back to places you’ve been.

You know, I guess a good starting point to fill you in on some new things around here is the new policy involving posters with fewer than 200 posts: You must email me a nude picture. Sorry, those are the rules.


I tried to email Crunchy my nude photo, but he never answered. Good to see you Crunchy. Glad to know you didn’t die of fright. :slight_smile:

Well I never answer you know. I just pass the good ones along to the mods and admins.

So, Crunchy, how many nude pics of concrete do you have?

Welcome aboard/back, TheDoll.

Once upon a time there was a pic of me somewhere on the internet, thanks to an X. I can’t find it anymore so I’m thinking that it’s gone. As for sending you one…you have to send me one first. Sorry, it’s the rules.
I guess it has been so long that all of the ‘experienced’ posters don’t bother to say hello. Well, that’s just fine. At least that I know, although he hasn’t posted, that Uncle Beer loves me, told me so once…I think, or maybe he just bought my Long Island and cheese stix.
God, I feel like a newbie all over again, not fair.

I’m heartbroken. 2700 posts would be considered experienced to a lot of people. :frowning:

And MysterEcks - that’s just a distrubing thought. Shame on you.

Hi Doll.
I am one of the new ones I guess.
Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Hi, TheDoll. I’m sure no one is ignoring you, they’re probably all just shy. :wink:

Welcome back, TheDoll. Yes I do remember you, I’ve been away from the boards for a couple of days. Don’t be a stranger, stick around, we need you.

Thanks Ultress. I may lurk a little more. It seems very different than before and well, I hope that it is. There were many things leading to my departure and god knows what brought me back.

I vaguely remember doll crawling around the boards when I first hit the boards… anyways, welcome back!