Look! It's the girl in black.

Some of you might have read this thread I started about my evil (I do not exaggerate here) boss. There’s been another ongoing incident involving him that’s really been pissing me off.

I wear a lot of black. Probably about 75% of my wardrobe is black clothing. This is not a statement about any kind of subculture (I don’t consider myself goth, punk, etc, although I do like some aspects of these subcultures). Nor does it mean that I live a sorrowful existence or hang around in graveyards. These clothes, usually plain shirts, skirts, dresses and dress pants, are very businesslike and professional. They just happen to be black. Why do I wear so much black? Mostly, because of my stocky figure. I tend to look like a cow in bright colours. Trust me, I spend a LOT of time trying on clothes when I go shopping. I * do * have a few coloured pieces of clothing that look good on me, but they’re subdued colours - burgundies, olive greens. But anything brighter makes me look like a walking joke. Plus, I think black clothing, in the proper style, material and cut, looks classy.

Anyway, I digress. At least twice a week since I ever started my job (2 years ago now), my boss says when I come in the door, “Look! It’s the girl in black.” Okay. The first time, it was sorta funny b/c it was so obvious. Uninspired and stupid, but sorta funny. Now, after 2 years of hearing the same comment several times a week, it’s not funny anymore. In fact, I find it downright harassing now. I do my job and I do it well, and my clothes always cover all of my body, so why does he feel the need to comment on the fact that I happen to like wearing black? All the damn time? Well, yesterday I got fed up with it and talked back. When he said, “Look! The girl in black!” I said, “Yeah, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore, eh?” My coworker got a laugh out of this while my boss stood there dumbfounded. But I guess I shouldn’t have tried to defend myself, because he got revenge by making my day hell. Criticized everything I did, not answering any of my emails I had with important questions about product orders we were expecting, and talking in a nasty tone when he did have to talk to me.

One would guess that if I started wearing more colours he would stop making comments. I tried this and he started saying “Ooo! The Girl in Black is wearing colour today!” I wish he’d just shut his fucking mouth. :mad:

Start calling him, “Hey, it’s the guy in grey flannel,” or whatever.

Seriouusly, some people are just too fucking annoying.

Time to contact Human Resources again.

You know, it’s pretty obvious (from this post and others) that your boss just plain doesn’t like you. It is unprofessional (regardless of the resons behind it) but the fact exists. And as long as you work there, he will not be nice and he will not do anything to make your life pleasant. It’s up to you to change the situation.

The thing is, he has * no good reason * to dislike me. I’ve always done my job on time and properly, always arrived for work early, done whatever he’s told me to do and been friendly. He seems to get pleasure out of making me uncomfortable. He’s a sadistic bastard.

The heart has reasons which reason cannot know.

Er, - Blaise Pascal

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Being a sadistic bastard means you never need a reason to hate somebody.

People don’t need any reason to dislike you. It’s just the way of the world. Say you remind him of a relative that he doesn’t get on with or the girl that dumped him in high school. He has this visceral reaction to you that even he doesn’t understand and starts treating you badly. People then find it very hard to forgive those they have mistreated - the tendency is for the bad treatment to continue.

Ah, a quote from my favorite movie: Hate Story.

I share your affinity for black clothes. 90% of my work wardrobe is black. That way everything matches, and you can mix and match all your pieces. I also think black is a very appropriate color to wear in a professional environment.

Your boss is a first-class asshole.

Maybe he just can’t remember your name. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was going to say. Letting him get away with harassing you in this manner (and yes, this is considered harassment), will only let it get worse. You do not have to put up with this.

Have you asked him directly to stop refering to you as “the girl in black”? Are you documenting eveything? Keep a journal, everytime he seems to “take revenge” on you for something write it down with dates and times. Try to think back and document what’s happened in the past. Get a copy of the police report from the other post. Take it all to HR and make a “formal” complaint against this guy.

It really pisses me off to hear about people who are harassed and imtimidated by their employers.

Good luck.

In all seriousness, maybe your boss is just a really insensitive person, and doesn’t realize his comments are bothering you. There are some people who are like that (like my boss, for that matter), and if that’s the case, and it is bothering you, tell him.

Yeah, this has little to do with your wardrobe and a lot to do with your boss being a monkey fucker. You have my sympathies.

So if they rode a horse through the desert, would be be able to remember her name? Or does that only work for one’s own name?

You “one-upped” him, and not only that, you got him laughed at in the bargain. Not only that, your wonderfully pointed comment, in one fell swoop, pointed out how idiotic and lame his constant comment on your wardrobe is. How unfunny said constant comment is, how unoriginal, how telling on what a complete idiot he is otherwise.

From a person he hates, for whatever reason, this kind of perfect comeback/putdown, is unforgiveable. You leveled the playing field, if even for a tiny moment in time. You let him know that YOU see through him, and you let him know that not only do you know, but that others (your laughing coworker) see through him too.

Exposure is dangerous. You’ve upped the ante, and he’ll only get worse and worse, if that’s even possible based on what you’ve said about him in other threads (hugs, he sounds like he makes your workplace worse than hell on earth).

I third, or fourth whoever said “Human Resources”. And until they can do something, may I suggest killling him with kindness? Just react to any nastiness he comes up with as if he’s being normal and cordial, and then really pour on the sickening sweetness. This will drive him wild, because he won’t be able to get your goat. And that’s what this sort lives for, that’s where they get their jollies, from what they percieve as control.

No, because it’s not about what you’re wearing. He just uses that as an excuse to be an asshole. If you started wearing colors he’d start saying stuff like “Oooooh look now it’s the Lady in Red”.

“ooooh, Devil with a Blue dress on” and so on.

If you managed to starve yourself into the media idea of a 10, and dressed like one of Charlies Angel’s on assignment at a fitness farm, he’d STILL pick on you. It’s not about you it’s about him. You’re just the target. If and when you quit? He’ll find a new target.

Best of wishes. I dearly hope you can find a new job, or get him out of your immediate workspace. Good luck with this.

I read your other thread and can’t imagine what you are enduring with this prick.

If you wear different colors and Mr. Prick responds as you expect, maybe you could say, “You possess a singular wit”, or something like that.

Derrrr…Dang it, I didn’t read what you wrote carefully enough. (it’s my eyesight, really, I’m old, and my screen is tiny :D).

But my gosh, this man didn’t even have the wit to use any of my purposely lame examples??

He said “Ooo! The Girl in Black is wearing colour today!” ???

OH my GOODNESS honey, what you got here is an UTTER buffoon of a moron, in the truest sense of the word, with delusions of intelligence and unfortunately a bit of power over you.

Stupidity AND a supervisor? That’s just dangerous. Do get to HR, and in the meantime, ignore him as best you can. Again, best of luck in a horribly sucky situation. :frowning:

That should work, as long as they can put up with the plants and birds and rocks and things.