Looking for a bluetooth speaker, would love to hear some recommendations.

A few criteria:

  1. Ease of connectivity - I have a Sonos, but Ms. Attack won’t deal with an additional interface. She just wants it to make music with no screwing around with apps. -

(BTW, I looked at the Libra Zipp, but that seems to require that you call it a separate wifi network, so no browsing the internet and listening to music at the same time, which seems silly)

  1. Good sound.

  2. Less than, lets say US $200.

  3. Probably it won’t be going to the beach with Ms. Attack, and I don’t want Attacklad to leave it at the beach, so portability is not an issue, and may be more bug than feature.

I put this in Cafe Society, assuming I’d get the audiophile crowd, but if this would be better in IMHO, by all means, move it.


I have a JBL Clip 2 and a JBL Flip 4.
The Flip 4 sounds a lot better, costs roughly twice what the Clip 2 did. I would buy another if something happened to this one.

I have the JBL Charge 3 and love it. It is portable and water resistant, though, so if you consider that a bug, maybe not for you, Sells at around $140.

Last May I was out in Colorado. The condo I was staying in was beautiful (Breckenridge) BUT it had no music…I took a quick drive to Frisco and bought a HighWire bluetooth speaker.
HighWire Bluetooth Speaker

It was very inexpensive but had a GREAT sound.

Upon returning I “donated” it to the kitchen at the pizzeria a manage. It performs flawlessly and is loud enough to be heard through the 900sf kitchen. It even took a dunk into the steam table. (accidentally knocked off the shelf into 180 degree water). After a day drying out, it fired back up and continues to entertain my cooks and pizza makers.

I know you said portability is a potential liability but I bought into theBig Turtle Shell on Kickstarter and I’ve had nothing but good things to say about it. The new version is even better. I’ve heard various JBL, Sonos and Bose speakers and they all work very well, but can get spendy pretty quickly. The only potential thorn might be the styling, it can be pretty polarizing.

3 JBL recommendations in 2 two posts. That’s pretty good.

I’ll definitely check out the Highwire. Real world recommendations are the best.

The Big Turtle shell looks pretty cool to me. Didn’t Spock mind-meld with it in Season 3 ‘Devil in the Dark’?

The online reviews mention a booming on/off voice. You don’t find this a problem?

I have the Marshall Kilburn, and while it might not be the absolute best in every category, it is an all-around good BT speaker that is solidly built.
It has a great internal battery that claims to last 20 hours (never really played it unplugged for that long). I like the carrying handle to just grab and go.

The controls are quite simple, with no fiddly app or displays, just old-school knobs and switches.

And it looks really cool :cool:

They go for just under your $200 mark.

No. It’s a female prompt, not loud at all unless you have the thing on full volume! I’ve read the same thing but I honestly don’t get it. It’s far more pleasant than a BEEEEEP! My friend’s speaker does that and it’s annoying as hell. Mind you he only paid $50 for it but still.

I like the Bose SoundLink Revolve. Great sound, easy to connect, but a little pricey.

I thought Bose had an app that you had to you, like Sonos.

I have a tiny Altec-Lansing waterproof speaker that goes with me on my kayak sometimes, an Oontz Angle that’s paired up to my laptop (the media computer has its own wired and powered speakers and subwoofer) and a goofy pagoda shaped indoor/outdoor speaker that kind of gets passed around to whichever phone or computer needs it at the moment. They were all under a hundred bucks each, sound pretty good and have lasted at least three years without a trouble. The pagoda even pairs up perfectly with the old laptop that had to get a BT dongle because it’s too old to have BT natively. Does the job for what I need.

I really like that Turtle thingy though, I must say.

I like the look of the turtle thing also. I’ve got to find some video / unboxing thing to hear the voice for myself.

I have a VIZIO 36" flatscreeen and bought this at WallyWorld. https://www.walmart.com/ip/VIZIO-28-2-0-Channel-Sound-Bar-SB2820n-E0/505288427. This one problem I have I keeping it turned down not to wake the kids up when good movies comes on.

I have about 3 dozen bluetooth speakers that I spent anywhere from $4 to about $40, and most sound okay. My favorites are the JBL Clip (for wearing around my neck like Flava Flav with a speaker), My old $25 Jamz and the two models from a company called Escape that I just got at Fry’s a few months ago for $20 and $30.

How loud are you looking for?

I have a OontZ Angle 3 that I hooked up to my amazon echo. Even that can get so loud that the echo can’t hear me when I give it commands if I turn the volume up over a 6 or so.

Moving from CS to IMHO

BTS review. I have no interests in the company or the reviewer but I seriously love this thing!

Despite it’s size the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a great little BT speaker. It’s also in the portable/waterproof category, but I use them (we got a pair) primarily inside. Costco sold them as a 2-pack for only a little bit more that you can get a single one. You can link them (wirelessly) and position them around your space for the best sound. USB rechargeable and they last quite a long time between charges. Sound is really good for such as small speaker.

The Bose bluetooth speakers don’t require any app for basic functionality. The app is for changing its settings (e.g. turning off voice prompts or changing its language) and for firmware updates.

I had the Soundlink Mini II which was OK, bit heavy on the bass. If portability isn’t an issue, you are probably better off with a bigger speaker.

If I were buying a non-portable Bluetooth speaker (i.e. not even battery powered), I’d probably get the Audioengine B2 - I don’t actually have it but it’s basically a 1-piece Bluetooth version of the Audioengine A2+ which I have and love.