Looking for an expert in Roumanian books

I own a book published in Roumania in 1939 (Alexandrina Enachescu-Cantemir’s *Roumanian Peasant Dress *with 140 large, hand-painted plates illustrating traditional Roumanian peasant dress) which I have been unable to find listed in any source I have checked. I’ve gone through Abe, Alibris, Biblio, etc. and have not found a reference to it. All I’ve come up with so far is a 1971 reprint which contains about 50 of the plates and sells for around $150. I inquired at the Roumanian embassy in Washington and was given the brush-off. Considering that it must have been an expensive book to publish resulting in relatively few copies being printged, when it was published (the outbreak of World War II), the destruction in Roumania during the war, and the vigorous attempts of the post-war communist government in Roumania to wipe-out all traces of traditional Roumanian culture, I suspect not too many copies survived. Can anyone refer me to a site which might be able to provide me with more information on the book?

From Worldcat (below). Note that your title is listed as an alternate. Does this help?

Enăchescu-Cantemir, Alexandrina. 1939. Popular Roumanian dress. Craiova: Scrisul românesc, s.a.

Document Type: Book
Notes: Descriptive letterpress in Rumanian, French, German, English and Italian at foot of plates. Issued in portfolio. On cover: The Roumanian peasant dress.
Description: v. plates (part col.) 35 x 27 cm.
Contents: [v.] 1. Wearing apparel from various Roumanian districts; 140 illustrations.
Other Titles: Roumanian peasant dress.

I know it’s been 7 years since your post but if you’re still looking for an answer i can tell you that book has been printed in 1000 copies and it’s for sale in Romanian antique book stores for about 250 $