WANT TO BUY-Certain printings of an old cookbook

Ok, I know this is a longshot but hey, it’s the Dope and some amazing things have happened here.

I am searching for certain, specific printings of an old cookbook.

It was called The Household Searchlight Recipe Book, and was printed and distributed in Topeka, Kansas, by Capper Publications. It started in the early 1930’s, and finished up in the mid-1950’s.

There were twenty-eight printings in all, and my mother and I are trying to get one of each. Currently we lack six printings.

We need #3, #9, #23, #24, #25, and #27.

You’d be surprised where some of these books ended up. I’ve found a few on used booksites, including a nearly pristine copy of the first printing, from a store in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The earlier printings are harder to find, as fewer copies were made.

I don’t insist on perfect copies, if by some great chance you should have one of these books. As long as it hangs together and isn’t missing pages I’ll take a look at it. In face, I rather prefer a book like this that looks as if it has been “loved”. It can have writing in the endpapers, newspaper clippings of other recipes stuck in, notes by the owner, and so on.

Here’s a link to images of various printings.

I don’t expect miracles, but then again, this is the Dope, and anything can happen.

Check out bookfinder.com - I’ve had pretty good luck tracking down various HTF books.

As the OP I’m updating this because I’ve found one of the copies I needed. I now have the 23rd printing, which I didn’t have before. I found it in a local bookstore that specializes in Kansas related materials, although their stock isn’t totally restricted to that.

For all those who have opened this and given me a chance to find the books I’m looking for, thank you!

I clicked your google link and then clicked “Shopping” and there are quite a few of these for sale, but all seem to be listed by year of publication rather than by #. Have you checked those listing for the ones y’all are missing?

BTW, why did y’all decide to collect these? Are the recipes just that ddamned good?

They are gorgeous looking books.

I live in Topeka, Kansas, where the books were published. There was a Household Searchlight magazine, back in those days, and the test kitchen was in a house about two miles from where I live now…

The first copy I ever had was the 14th printing and it belonged to my grandmother. It has her handwriting in the endpapers.

You are right about how the books are listed online. When I do searches I try to use keywords like “printing” or “edition”.

I am particularly proud of my copy of the first printing. I found it online at a bookstore in Las Cruces, New Mexico. As there was once a reprint of that edition done about twenty years ago(only 2500 copies were originally printed) I was careful in my communications with the store, and they sent me a photo of the book so I could tell it was original. It’s in perfect shape, just a little browned with age, like nobody ever used it. No names, no writing, no newspaper recipes taped in, no food spots.

I love the Internet. If it wasn’t for the net I’d never have found some of the copies I have. I don’t know why finding a copy of the 9th printin has been so hard, by that time a lot more were being printed.

Right on.

Are the recipes good or is purely for local nostalgia type purposes that you collect them?

Also, what year was the 9th printing?

The recipes are good, if a bit old style, and were meant to be well suited for home use. No really exotic ingredients or high cuisine style of recipes, but tasty, economical and filling.

There is an element of nostalgia for me, because of that copy from my grandmother. And my mother got several of our copies signed and inscribed by one of the four original editors, Irene Nunemaker. The lady passed away in 1996, a self-made business success and philanthropist. In the first few printings she’s listed as Irene Westbrook, Nunemaker was her married name. There are several scholarships and university programs and buildings named for her. https://www.google.com/#q=Irene+Nunemaker

The ninth printing was around 1936, although there was also an eight printing in that year, so again I’m careful when I’m searching for copies…

It looks like eBay has #3:


And the #27:


Their may be more, but I’m having a hard time line the edition up with the printing. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

With a book like this the majority of sellers aren’t going to provide printing information. So you just have to email the sellers of any possibilities and ask what printing the book is. Do this particularly at http://www.abebooks.com

1954 24th edition at eBay for $9.99

Very cool. This is a little piece of Americana that I was unaware of; thanks so much for involving us in your search!

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I want to thank those who are helping me! Sooner or later I’ll catch them all!:stuck_out_tongue:

I have some connections through printings, but however it may take time and you have to infront of them, so I suggest you to find nearest offline company for your printings.

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That person has four posts, Bo, and the syntax, grammar and spelling in all of them are…odd. Either English isn’t their first language or they are in an altered state, for whatever reason.

Because of some email problems I had when you posted this joyfool, I wasn’t able to ask questions about those books so I didn’t get them.

But I did just find and order a copy of #27. So when it arrives I’ll be lacking only four printings, #3, #9, #24 and #25.

Again I want to thank the Dopers who have kept their eyes open and helped me on this quest.

That 24th edition I linked to is still for sale…

I just recieved a copy of the 24th, and am waiting for the 27th. Then I’ll lack only three printings, #3, #9, and #25.

Another update!!!

I now lack only the 3rd and the 9th printings, editions. Turn out #25 was waiting to be sold in the very library where my cafe is located.