Looking for fast, low-carb microwave cheesecake recipe

Several years ago I had a recipe for a cheesecake type substance that you could make individually in the microwave. There was no crust; it contained cream cheese, and egg, and Splenda or some other type of artificial sweetener. You mixed it all together and nuked it for a few minutes and voila, something sweet and low carb.

I’ve searched all over, and though I can find plenty of low-carb cheesecake recipes on the web, I can’t find this particular one. I want the combination of quick, microwavable, and single-serving.


Are you sure it’s a cheesecake, or is it a mock danish?

The linked one is lemon flavored but I usually sprinkled some cinnamon on mine.

Ha! What you call Danish I call cheesecake.

I figured it out on my own - pretty much the same recipe you linked only I made 4:

8 oz cream cheese
~ 1/4 cup Splenda
1 egg
some lemon juice

mix up, put in 4 ramekins, nuked for 3.5 minutes.

It was pretty good, but I sure don’t like Splenda as much as I like real sugar. My pancreas, on the other hand, likes the Splenda better. It was sweet & rich and I’m guessing with a little experimentation I can make it even better.