Lower sugar cheescake recipe with NO artificial sweeteners??

Hey all,
So I promised to bring a cheesecake to someone’s birthday, and honestly, I just want to find a recipe that isn’t so cloyingly sweet… maybe half or even a quarter as sweet as a cheesecake normally is. However, every recipe that turns up in a “low sugar” Google search is all about the artificial sweeteners (no, stevia won’t work either.) You’d think a low-sweetener option would be easier to find, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything at all. There has to be some kind of recipe out there that cuts the sugar at least in half without doing something awful to the texture of the cheesecake or whatever the negative result would be. Savory cheesecakes exist, so there must be SOME way around the issue…

Anyway, I just know that the extremely smart people here can help! :slight_smile: All suggestions welcome.

The sugar in the body of a cheesecake is not an integral part of the structure like it is in a flour-butter cake. It’s the cream cheese and egg that hold the cheesecake together and provide the structure. Feel free to reduce the sugar to taste.

-needscoffee, ex-pastry chef

What needscoffee said. I’m a dark chocolate junkie. I think a barely-sweetened chocolate cheesecake would be divine.

I would love chocolate too, but it’s too much of a migraine trigger. So I’m thinking blueberries. :slight_smile: And thanks, needscoffee!

How much sugar is “low sugar”? Most recipes call for 3/4-1 cup sugar, so something like a sambocade , with 1/3 cup sugar, is “low sugar” by comparison.

You can start here…

I just had some ricotta cheesecake, tastes fine, not as heavy.