Looking For Obscure Folk Song

I’ve looked for this song over 15 years. I was listening to Just Folks broadcast from Madison Wisconsin’s public Radio. They played a lot of Wisconsin Folk Concert Recordings. The song was most likely from the 80’s. A woman sang it. She might have played guitar with it. The refrain “This is the day we give babies away.” The song is a comedy of a frustrated mother. Any clues or intelligent speculation appreciated

Maybe this page will help:

The woman who I’ve heard sing this song most often is Rosalie Sorels. I’m not sure if she wrote it or not. Google is your friend on that question, but Sorels is definitely the singer.

There’ve been several singers. The page I gave covers almost all of them, and the song’s origins too.

The lyrics are right. I’ll be doing a bit of tracking now.
Many Thanks.
An Obscure Fairy Tale Blessing: May a golden goose nest in your hen house for many years to come.

Had Google been my friend, I would have saved the effort of posting. I was hoping someone would use a site I didn’t know of, and they did. Thanks again everyone.

For what it might be worth, my cite turned up from Dogpile. I usually assume people have Googled, and so when they ask a question like this, I try Dogpile.

Sorry about being snippy there. I’ve basicaly still dead ended here, because I haven’t found any sites with the song yet. I don’t think that site’s discussion uses the song’s title. It is not Rosalie Sorels. I downloaded a sample of her voice. I have to take a break from this. Hours of searching for musical sites with a modem is tedious.

Well, you may have heard some one beside Rosalie Sorels sing it, but this link http://sniff.numachi.com/~rickheit/dtrad/pages/tiHOSBABY.html
indicates that she wrote it.

I found at least 3 other sites with the lyrics by using Google, but I wasn’t really pimping it earlier.

If this isn’t what you need, try going to the Simply Folk radio programs site through WPR.org. If you email the host they will answer you.

I want to clarify that I am looking for the song. I have found the lyrics and quite a selection of variances. It’s a start, but I wanted the song. I can’t downloaad a lot of music samples either, because my connection is so God Awful Slow. I thank you all for the help, but I’m burned out on this for now. I’ll be researching this some more in the future.

You might try checking here, or contacting the webmaster - he’s one of the most knowledgeable people out there about Wisconsin folk and roots music and performers: