Looking for Xbox Live Friends

Hey SDMB, I’m looking for friends on Xbox live, primarily Xbox one, but anyone would be nice! None of my local friends own an Xbox one and games are getting kind of lonely.

I mostly play; Destiny, Borderlands: the Handsome Collection, ESO, and various smaller titles.
I don’t mind if we don’t play together a lot, I’m just looking for some cool people to make friends with!

GT: Coagulas
Console: Xbox One

I just started playing Destiny. Norm6671.

Hit me up, it would be fun to have someone else to play with.

I’m duality72 on XBox Live, as well.

Skywatcher668 here.


Any of you guys play Destiny? I’ll be playing Star Wars Battlefront when it comes out in November too.

Hi, my name is MarkoDillo and I’m a Destiny-aholic.

I highly recommend the site the100.io. It will ask you some questions and build a profile for you and then match you up with a “clan” of like-minded people to play with, scheduled games, chat groups, etc.

I play in the group “Echo 754” on the100 site. We are mostly 30-somethings who play late at night. 8 - 12pm pacific time.


I have destiny but haven’t really played it in a while been trying to finish Witcher 3.

other MP I have:
Handsome Jack collection
Diablo 3
Master Chief Collection
Battlefront 4
In a few weeks I will also have Rock Band 4 and Star Wars Battlefront for MP

Phil Addio here.

I play Destiny exclusively these days.

I’m BuckGully on XBL.

I appear to have had a Destiny relapse after buying The Taken King the other day.
I think I might try out Archer’s the100 site, as most of my friends have stopped playing.

I also play Titanfall, the various Battlefields (Hardline being the most recent), Minecraft, and, well, pretty much anything that isn’t CoD.

So I’m the only World of Tanks addict? Scratches that FPS itch, but uses my brain more and leaves me way less aggro.

I only have a 360 but if you wanna add me I’m DuganZRiley.

see my profile…i’d like to take care of the problem you mentioned in a message page–possibly some time ago-- about ‘straight’ problems…