Looking forward to The Sims 2 anyone?

I know I am! I even correctly guessed a couple of years back that it would be out in 2004 :slight_smile: The article and a handful of screenshots were posted this week on the offical sims site http://thesims.ea.com/us/index.html

I’m most looking forward to the new lifecycle that will finally include toddlers and teens. The DNA part sounds really neat as well. It’s also going to have the face customizer bit that was the only part of the PS2 version I liked (boy am I glad I rented it first!)

I’m a bit baffled that several people on the new sims 2 forum seem upset that they spent a lot of money on the orginal and the expansions, and act like they’ll never play them again. Is this a normal attitude when a sequel game comes out? I play both creatures 2 and 3 still, since they’re different games, and I anticipate doing the same when the new sims game comes out. Maybe I’m the odd one…

I just want “Sims 2” to add weekends and have less time sitting on the can.

Didn’t I just see an ad for yet another expansion pack for the original Sims game?

Probably. It’s called Superstar. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maxis put out expansion packs for The Sims up to and after the release of Sims 2. The game is still selling like crazy.

Oh yeah, and “The Sims sucks. What a boring pointless game! Just another case of EA milking every dollar they can out of a license. Blah Blah Blah.” Hopefully with that out of the way people won’t be obliged to poke in and piss on the thread.

Yeah, people always have to have the latest and greatest. It’s particularly silly in the case of The Sims, because even when it was released it wasn’t a graphics powerhouse or anything.

As I understand it, the sequel is only going to be marginally backwards-compatible with the original, in that you’ll be able to import your Sims from the first game, but nothing else. And I haven’t heard anything about how user-modified skins and such will work with the sequel.

And I think that’s what people are getting upset about; there’s a HUGE community of people doing modifications on the game with new skins and objects and such, and they worry that that work won’t transfer over to the new game. It remains to be seen how much of that is justified, but even so, it seems to me that if they figured out how to do it for the first game, they can just as well do it for the new one.

Personally, I think it looks pretty cool. It doesn’t seem to be a massive overhaul, but the same basic gameplay with much improved graphics and improved behavior. Plus a couple of neat features added (like aging and relationships). If it ain’t broke…

Heh. Screenshot #4 looks like a couple of geeks having a slap fight.

I’ve never really understood, the attraction, but as long as it keeps people happy, I’m glad. Actually… the reason I don’t like it is probably because I suck, and I end up with a quivering mass of Sim-jelly that only survives because he can piss himself.

See, I belong to that community - www.geocities.com/simthingdifferent - but it doesn’t bother me that the things I made probably won’t transfer into the new game. I’m ready for a new challenge, and as I said, I’ll probably still play the old game, and I’ll keep up the site for others who do too.

As long as they add weekends and the ability for Sims to edge past one another, I’m (probably) there.

This article http://www.gamemarshal.com/gamecenter/preview.php?&id=43 claims that there will be weekends, as well of a bunch of other interesting things. I hope to see an interview/press release from Maxis that confirms them soon.