Sims for PS2

Wanted it for Xmass, but will need to wait for b-day. (March 3). Anyone else excited for it. I’ve never played it on PC BTW.

I’ve never played it on PS2, only on PC but it is THE most entertaining, addictive game I have ever played. Ever. IMHO, of course. I don’t know how I’d feel if I couldn’t download new items, though. That helps keep the game interesting and allows you to have all those little things you wish you could have in your house.

I love the PC game. For some reason, I don’t “see” it as a PS game… But hey, why not I guess.
It is quite melow, and I don’t picture consoles to be for anything else than “action” games.

I read about this a while ago. The game is still in development for the PS2, but I seem to remember the article saying that they had redesigned a lot of aspects for the PS2 version. For example there will be a mode where you start in a rundown house and have to work your way up to living in a mansion.

I have never played the PC version but it sounds good so far. Maybe I will get it for my birthday too (March 7 by the way!).