Loose stools, really is a band name!

My neighbor, sans computer, has some intestinal problems so asked me to search for any home remedies.

So, to see what were available, googled “loose stools” and the very first hit was for a band by that name. I should not have been surprised.

The only way that could be improved would be to have the lead singer a woman named Di. Then you could have Di Areia and the Loose Stools.

Heh. I’m toying with naming a fictional band Noisy Colon. With Loose Stools they could have a themed tour :smiley:

Once, many years ago, I was driving home by way of New Orleans (way pre-Katrina). I was listening to a local radio station that was listing the local bands and where they would be playing. The on that I will remember forever?

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles.

I remember thinking to myself at the time,

Yep, that’s something I want on my resume. From 93 to 95 I was a testicle.

Yeah, and I really had a ball! :smiley: