Loser that regularly post in 30 pt type

Thanks Chris, I’m glad you liked it, but you really shouldn’t encourage me!

…just think though…unlike Danny, I didn’t need a dictionary and 30 pt type…just good ole’ wit.

Contestant #3

We’ll ship you a dictionary. I don’t know where to get you the other half of that wit, though.

They call me MISTER Wizard!

oooo, nuthin’ but net.

Gotta give that one to you C#3. Good one. I, too, am still laughing over here.


I’m thinking this could be destined for Opalcats flame war hall of fame, its off to a wonderful start.


Have to give it to you this time, C#3! That one was good!


A hit! A very palpable hit!

“target audience is children…”

Ummm… Am I the only dipshit that doesn’t get it?

There’s always another beer.

It’s so nice to see the pit come alive again.I,however,am not very good at this…yet. Anyone want to give me lessons?Could someone please flame me so I won’t feel left out?Dan is obviously kind enough to post large for those who are visually impaired.Maybe he can’t see the keyboard because his large penis is in the way! :smiley:

Beer- yep

C3 replied

“Free Willy” was a kids movie about a whale in captivity (aimed at a very young audience). C3 is implying that perhaps Daniel’s penis is also “aimed” at kids)

Get it??

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.

Oh, and C#3- That one was just PRICELESS! The best flame I’ve ever read. Hats off.

Ahh…this is the other “Danny”…getting out of the way…


Actually, I thought the Free Willy reference was to Michael Jackson…

<font face=“comic sans MS”>Dismiss his feeble volleys from your minds, children. One shouldn’t encourage the hoi polloi.
And C#3 has more Hoi than any other Polloi that I have met in my life.
Consider C#3’s brillent series of careers(read:CAN’T HOLD A JOB):
1- recording studio technician\for the Richard Nixson Administration
2-Airship pilot\S.S. Hindenburg
3-Official bartender for the Prohibition party
4-Chief Safety Engineer\Three Mile Island Nuclear Reactor
5-Security Guard\University Of Texas Clocktower
6-Official Kool Aide Coordinator\Jonestown
7-Bartender(again-he just can’t keep away from the sauce)-Exxon Valdez
8-Member of U.K. Prime Minister’s Government as an expert on soccer riots. 483 1\3 % increase in soccer riots in just the first year!
9-editor\Jeffrey Dahmer Cookbook. “To Serve Man”
When the people in the Carolinas evacuated, it wasn’t because of the hurricane; C#3 was “looking for some loving”. EVERYTHING RAN! Men , boys, dogs, cats, sheep (C#3 is a Scot), goats, EVERYTHING!!!
Except women. C#3 has never had one of those. Never will either.

And now that I’ve brought up your many personnal hygene problems C#3 (see 'no women" above), is that you lunch stuck between your teeth, or something scraped from out of the scuppers of a garbage scow?</font>

We have met the enemy, and He is Us.–Walt Kelly

Ayesha walks onto the field, wearing her cheerleading outfit. Pom-poms held firmly in hand.

She looks at the crowd waiting for the cheers to die down. Jumps into the air, lands in the splits hops up and begins—
Give me a D----- D

Give me an A-----A

Give me a N---- N
whats that spell ? -----Dan
Dan, Dan, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can.

Go Daniel, go Daniel,

Ayesha - Lioness

I’m out of my mind, but,
feel free to leave a message


Your insults are just so unfunny and unrealistic that it’s getting difficult for me to get psyched up to reply to you.

I’ve made you look like an idiot in multiple threads now…why don’t you just give up?


Contestant #3

C#3 Declares Victory!!

Hey, nobody told me there was an nut-case contest going on. I would have brought popcorn!

They call me MISTER Wizard!

Pardon me, but since when are contestants
allowed to judge the contest ?

So who is the judge ? ChiefScott seems to be involved in a trial at the moment.
Hmmmmm, I know lets get Kellibelli, she likes both of them.

Ayesha - Lioness

I’m out of my mind, but,
feel free to leave a message

If it’s just a flame contest, C3’s got the edge.

If it’s a personality contest . . . well, Connie’s a bit behind the pack. But I think Dan lost MAJOR points by bragging about his penis size.


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

He wasnt bragging…it really is huge.

Now, Kelli, they’re talking about his penis, not the pustule on the end . . .