Lost 1.19 (30MAR2005) "Deus Ex Machina" (spoilers)

“While we still have time…”

I think dad (is he really ‘dad’?) is definitely playing him. Told him 11 instead of 12 so he’d “accidentally” see him on dialysis machine. Dropping remarks innocently. Pretty soon Locke’s going to offer a kidney.

Family and friends I’ve known on dialysis aren’t able to do much at all the day of their treatments. Yet. Locke Sr was gonna go hunting?

STDs are a bitch! Makes you need glasses. :slight_smile:

Locke reveals the wheelchair secret to Boone.

Theresa secret revealed. How does it fit?

Gives Locke ammunition to make Boone believe in him and do what he says, despite Boone’s doubts?

Another 48 Hours

Played a smarmy guy in it. Randolph Mantooth was the bomb in Emergency, yo!

“Better or worse?” :stuck_out_tongue:


Hurley’s Harry Potter comment. Dying here… :smiley:

Them glasses are cute :wink:

Heroin on the plane… Did I just hear Charlie’s heart go into overdrive???

I hope Boone and Locke can keep it secret…

Paging Charlie to the white courtesy phone!

wth kind of tree is that?

First thing I thought of was the plane’s radio. Now someone on the outside for certain knows the fate of Oceanic 815.
Well, seems like one big answer this ep and a million new Qs.

I had to turn on Closed Captioning to make sure, but the last thing from the other end of the radio was:

“There were no survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.”

Hmmm. . . .

Maybe it wasn’t the outside after all, but was THE OTHERS!

D’oh. Submitted too soon.

Does this mean the aircraft was presumed lost at sea, or does it support the Afterlife/Purgatory theory?

Well, damn, we still didn’t get an answer for the original cause of Locke’s paralysis. I thought for sure it would be a complication of the surgery.

And now, a light comes on behind the hatch in the capsule. Wheee !!!

The…the hatch…


So who is in the hatch? Why did they turn on the light?

And why didn’t Locke tell the others about the plane? (well, except for the obvious reasons for not telling Charlie). It had a radio – you’d think somebody would want to go back and see if the radio was still functional.

But notice how they teased us with Locke getting knocked down by the backing-up car in the parking lot. Making it look like maybe that was the reason… (then he gets up and keeps running).

The first thing the guy on the other side of the radio said was “is there someone there”, which seems a bit weird to me. As though he hasn’t heard anyone on the radio for a long time and is surprised to hear a voice. I think it’s the hatch-people (not to be confused with strange Ethan-people). And now that they know there are people on the island, they will open the hatch and come have a look.

Locke’s paralysis? I think he attemped suicide after the kidney mess and it left him paralyzed.

Monstre - probably for the same reason Locke was being secretive about the hatch itself. Of course, we’re not sure why THAT’S a secret, so…

O’Quinn is one HELL of an actor.

Wow, wait till Charlie gets a load of all that heroin.

Will Boone’s radio transmission trigger a search for the lostaways?

I’m putting 10-1 odds against Boone making it through next week.