Lost 2.8: "Collision"

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So, the merge will happen tonight. AL meets Jack. Eko meets Locke. Should be some nice fireworks!!

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Harumph. I won’t be watching tonight as we have company. :rolleyes:

I’ll have to tape it and watch it over the weekend some time.

I’ll have the house to myself tonight. Just me and my 2 doggies. I’ll be watching with my feet up with a glass of wine, with Chance and Delilah snuggled up next to me. Woo Hoo. Heaven!

I’m excited, but it’s an Ana Lucia episode and I can’t stand her. It’ll flesh out her character some, but I doubt it will be a great one.

I’m still excited about the merge, though. I really, really want to see how Eko and Locke interact. Next week’s show should offer up some nice info:

“What Kate Did”

that’ll be me next week,

only I’ll just have jasmine, and she’s not allowed on the couch.

The big concern around my office is that we’re all going to forget to talk about it on Monday. But I really can’t wait to see Locke meet Eko. And find out what Sayid does after he finishes making sure Shannon’s not still breathing.

In the meantime, you have us … or are we chopped liver? :frowning: (since there is no “pouty” smilie)

I knew it! She was a cop!

But please let Sayid kick her ass just a little.

Damn… Sayid should have just drawn and shot without walking forward first – he gave Eko the chance to tackle him. Could have capped her off quickly, and then they could have elected a less bitchy leader. :smiley:

Hey, it’s nice to know that Charlie is still a dick. Every time he mocks Hurley I want to punch him in the neck.

It seems weird to see Kate & all the regulars after last week.

Yeah, feels like we haven’t seen Kate in a long time. She didn’t figure into the last episodes much (even our own Losties).

Ana: “I know what I’m doing!”
Yeah, falling apart?

So if she doesn’t want to go to their camp, where the heck does she plan to lead the Tailies now? Not that they are likely to follow her any more, especially since she’s pointed the gun at Libby.

Jesus, Ana Lucia, let Bernard get back to his wife!

That was a cool moment with Mr. Eko and Locke saying hello in the hatch.

She’s just plain insane.

Hmmm… Eko meets Locke. Can’t wait to see what happens with those two.

Ana: “I’m already alone”
What Libby should have said: “That’s because you’re a jumped-up psychopath bitch”

Just when you thought you couldn’t like a character less, she does something else completely psycho.

Someone’s got a crush on Sawyer!

I know they’re trying to make me feel something for Ana Lucia here, but it isn’t working. Is it bad acting or bad writing when they can make her a cop, shot in the line of duty, and I don’t feel even a little bit bad for her?

Way to try to guilt-trip Bernard, bitch.

Have they shown Walt this episode?