Lost 2.7 "The Other 48 Days"

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Sorry if I’ve stepped on any toes, but I NEEEEEEEEED a Lost thread on Wednesdays! My predictions for the opening teaser:

[spoiler]Close up of an eye. Camera pulls back, and it’s Ana Lucia. She’s floating in the ocean. She scrambles up the beach towards a man who is performing CPR on a woman. She kicks the man in the kidneys and steps on the woman’s throat, breaking her trachea. Then she yells at the man.

She stumbles towards the tail section, where the engine is still running. There’s some guy there, yelling “I can walk!” and dancing around his now useless wheelchair. She shoves him into the engine, turning him into a fine pink mist, and blowing up the tail section.

The explosion throws her a number of yards, and she lands in a heap right beside a hugely pregnant woman. She punches the woman right in the stomach, then turns to the big fat guy who was trying to help her and insults him for being such a big fat fatty Mcfatterson. Then she pokes him in the eye.

Then she is put in charge of everything due to her obvious leadership skills.[/spoiler]

I was too lazy to think up another one, so I just pulled this from lost-forum.com where I originally posted it. It really doesn’t need to be spoilered, but it would be just my luck if some of it were true.

I’ll grant you your first three sentences. After that, I think you’re off in Fantasy Island. But that’s okay, it’s a nice fantasy!

Given that this is supposed to be a Supersize episode, anyone know an exact running time?

I believe the show time is 9:00pm-10:05pm EST. Some extended show huh?

Wow. I completely forget to post the thread that I prepared in MS Word yesterday. Thanks, Dante. I usually post these just before bedtime on Tuesday.

:rolleyes: Whoop-dee-do.
And then this is it, right, for another couple of weeks? No more new shows till January? And all we’re getting is a measly five extra minutes?
I think we better be watching this one verrrry carefully, looking for clues and maybe references to The Numbers and any obvious tie-ins to the first group of castaways.
We know Jack and Ana Lucia met briefly in the airport bar.
We should see more of Rose and her husband - Bernard, is that his name?
Any airport shots setting up the Tailies are guaranteed to have quick shots of the Losties in the background.
Will we find out the reasons for the Tailies all being on Flight 815? If so, are they like the Losties, in that many of them shouldn’t have been on that plane?

According to TV Tome, there will be new episodes on the 23rd and the 30th.

Pay particular attention to the children Tailies. And…

if Libby (the alleged female Ethan) was actually on the plane.

I’m really looking forward to this episodes. I’m hoping they’ll toss us a few bones, being sweeps and all.

Oh, there are going to be bones, but maybe not the kind you’re thinking of!

new extended episode? 8-9:04pm is NOT extended!!

Wow Dante. Your first spoiler boxed paragraph isn’t to far off.

Well, that was a pretty intense opening – although I’m wondering how they got all the way to the shore so fast (before the tail section, way out there, sunk). Unless they were thrown out of the plane before it actually hit the water?

Whoooooa! Libby… “BAM!” twisting the leg. Hahahaha

Ah, the Peace Corps guy is going to eventually be the one staked to the ground (that Jin finds and Eko identifies).

Well, Ana-Lucia already thinks she’s the boss of everyone. Man, I don’t think they’re going to be able to make me like that character.

I noticed that the guy who went to the bathroom w/o a buddy is played by the actor who was Mike on “Ed” and Elliot’s most recent boyfriend on “Scrubs.” I assume he’ll die this episode since we haven’t seen him at any other time.

Who is that playing the Peace Corp guy? He looks familiar but I can’t place him.

“Not talkin’ to me any more?”

Ana Lucia seems to bring out that reaction in people.

They should just ask the guy who won the last Superbowl, lest the others have some Direct TV action going on.

Nathan the evil Canadian? Like Ethan the evil Canadian? Too easy. Of course the mole’s someone else!

Welp, nevermind then.