Lost 2.17: "Lockdown"

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Once again, we have 3 Lostaways going off to see the wizard. This time it’s the unlikely mix of Sayid, Ana-Lucia and Charlie. And last we say them it was raining— never a good sign on The Island. Henry Gale is toying with Jack and Locke, and Sun thinks she’s pregnant-- also not a good thing on The Island. I think our friends are in for some rough times ahead. Meanwhile, Desmond has been playing German Intelligence Agent on 24, so who knows when we’ll see him again. At any rate, once Henry Gale finds out about Sun, I think we’re in for another kidnapping. How it is that Jack and Locke don’t worry about that is beyond me.

For the true Lost junkies, I’ve added some new, external links at the end of this post. Check 'em out, but just beware of spoilers.

From the ABC “Lost” website:

“Lockdown” When the hatch suddenly takes on a life of its own, Locke is forced to enlist the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go off into the jungle to find out the truth about Henry.

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I dont have any Lost tidbits to add yet…except to say I cant wait for this ep, but I wanted to give a big thanks to john mace for doing this thread each week! I love reading thru it on Thursday mornings!

I have a feeling I missed an episode somewhere, what with all the unusual events that happened in my life, and ABC playing silly buggers with reruns. The last one I saw was Sayid the torturer. Has there been one since then?

Yes. Read “The Lost Report” link in my OP. That will fill you in. But do it quickly, because it’ll be gone tomorrow.

Actually, I think you missed 2 episodes: 15 and 16.

So will we finally learn how Locke ended up in a wheel chair?

Locke was in a wheel chair?

Just an observation of the show overall that maybe somebody already mentioned last year:

It seems that all the main characters on the island are people that have no one to go back home to. Or no one that they would miss.

Jack- Father’s dead, estranged mother, divorced wife. No other family.

Claire- Single mom with no one back home to go to.

Locke- Divoced. Has no one else.

Shannon & Boone- Only had eachother. No other family to miss.

Sun & Jin- Only had eachother. Neither of them like her father. Any other family?

Sawyer- Lone wanderer. No family.

Charlie- Estranged mother and brother.

Sayid- Lost his only love. Rest of family dead?

Mr. Echo- Brother is dead. No other family.

Ana Lucia- No husband or kids.

Kate- On the run. Her only love is dead.

Hurley- Only had his mother but didn’t care for her much anyway.

Walt & Michael- Mother is dead. Only have eachother.

Bernard and wife- Only have eachother. No kids?
In fact, the only mention of anyone missing someone back home that I can remember was the children from the episode “The other 48 days” before they were kidnapped saying that their mom and dad were waiting for them in L.A.

I’m not too sure of that list of yours:

I’m not sure we can say Jack was “estranged” from his mother. They had one fight before he went off to find his dad. Beyond that I don’t think we’ve seen enough of their relationship to know.

Boone ran the wedding company for his mom. Presumably she would miss him. Shannon - not so much.

Jin’s dad probably misses him.

Mention was made of his dad. We don’t know the relationship or his current status.

Mom probably misses her.

I didn’t get that impression at all.

Michael was on the phone with his mother just before the plane took off for LA. Presumably they have a funtional relationship.

Who’s “Locke?”

Who’s anyone, really?

I don’t recall this. Somebody remind me, please.

There was Helen but they weren’t married. There was evidently a nasty breakup though.

Everyone had “family issues”, but I don’t think it’s accurate to say they have no on to go back to.

BTW, if anyone else had been watching Invasion, I guess it’s still on and will resume in April. Apparently there will be a season 2, as well. It’s not as good as Lost, but I give it a solid B.

Dob: Thanks. I actually enjoy doing this.

I liked Locke’s rough handling of Balloon Guy in tossing his ass back in his “cell” at the start. Looks like John realizes that Gale is pushing his buttons (regarding Jack).

And how about those observation skills of Sayid and Ana-Lucia? They can’t see that big shiny red thing in the trees until they are right under it?

Gale’s voice sounded like Aahnold when he said “What happened” right before the commercial break. It was definitely not his normal accent.

By Aaahnold, I meant Arnold Schwarzenegger BTW.

And not Arnold Jackson / Drummond, huh?

Whatchutalkinbout, Locke?!
Well, Balloon Guy just knocked himself out trying to climb the pantry shelves. I think we’ll be going to Defcon Penguin again.


Locke’s father is Sawyer.

The real Sawyer.

Jack: “When I need the guns… I’ll get the guns.”

Great line!