Lost 4.12: "There's No Place Like Home"

I thought this was a slower-paced episode than we’ve been getting this season, but it’s a great set-up for the finale I’d say. I’m just upset at Grey’s Anatomy for having a two hour finale and screwing Lost over. BAH! I don’t want to wait two weeks to find out what happens!

Also…I think we know what the thing that was strapped to Keamy’s arm is connected to now. Heh.

Did anyone else see the big nose? When Ben reaches the hilltop where he pulls out the case, ths first stone he stops at is most of a very large carved nose. I love when they throw in stuff like that!

Think I know why Nadia was killed. Sayid screwed up and told her the truth so they had to kill her.
Great episode. Great one-liners, like:
“I wasn’t completely telling the truth.”

So what’s Locke supposed to do after he takes the elevator down? Ben conveniently forgot to explain that part.

Who is Alpert?

a few more random musings:
-good to see Ben returning to his regular self after last week’s ennui
-is the time lag between the freighter and the mainland still going on?
-Kate sure gets around easily on the mainland for someone who was handcuffed to a marshall on the plane.
-I think the other person Sun blames for Jin’s death must be Widmore.
-Seems to great female guest stars were brought on for about one line each (Michelle Forbes & Veronica Hamel). Guess this means we’ll see them again.

It will be so interesting to see how & why the Oceanic 6 came up with their story, or if it was made up for them.

I like the idea that Ben plans to somehow save himself. Maybe when the island moves he’ll somehow be in two places at once. Probably would create too much of a paradox though.

Ben’s signal has to be part of his plan to get rescued from Keamy though, wonder who it will be and if the signal will be received sometime in the future after the Island moves.

I would think that Richard and the Others are the cavalry coming to Ben’s rescue.

Has it been mentioned before how big the settlement was for the Oceanic 6? Because I’m wondering if it was really enough for Sun to buy a controlling interest in her father’s company. Either it was a hellalot, or the company was already in trouble. (Or did she have previously existing FYM he didn’t know about?)

I think he was. If you are referring to that guy in the helm room with Desmond, I think that was a different guy. Must have been the first mate.

Favorite moments:
Sun laying the smack down on her dad–go Sun!
“Jesus Christ is not a weapon”–fits of giggles for about half an hour afterwards

I love the Sawyer-loves-Hurley moments. I assumed Ben was either signaling Jacob or someone with the rest of his crew. Also loved Ben with “how many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan” then swishing off into the clearing.

I want more!

Heh, I’m having this “Bill & Ted”-ish vision in my head of Ben telling himself “Don’t forget the mirror!” :smiley:

Did anyone else notice that Sawyer referred to Dharma’s village as “New Otherton”? I loved that.

Daniel & Charlotte must know something strange is going to happen to the island, the way they talk about the orchid station.

I don’t quite understand the explosives on the ship. If mercenaries blow up the ship, don’t they lose their only way home? And if they’re planning on destroying the island, they can’t stay there either. Does not compute.

Definitely on the side of Ben signalling Richard. They just left Jacob. Why journey all that way to signal him on top of the mountain? Ben sent the others to the Orchid Station in anticipation of his arrival. He always has a plan after all.

Cool how writers cleverly inserted the numbers into our storyline again followed by Hugo running helter skelter down the street probably straight to the luney bin.

I think the implication was that the explosives on the ship are tied to Keamy’s arm-band thing we saw last episode. That’s also why there was the RF interference. So now the ship can’t leave without him, and if he dies the ship also blows. If he succeeds in his mission, the ship will still be there when he gets back.

I’m also glad they brought the numbers back into play… that seemed like one of those things that was REALLY important in the first couple seasons, then totally disregarded. I hope they explore that a little more.

Ah, Veronica Hamel. I thought she looked familiar. Wasn’t she the captain’s wife on Hill Street Blues? Did she play Jack’s mother in previous episodes?

I see from IMDB that Michelle Forbes played Karen Decker. Who is Karen Decker? I don’t recall this character.

Karen Decker was the Oceanic Rep on the plane. and Veronica Hamel was on Hill Street Blues.

If Michael can’t die, why don’t they have him start pulling wires out of the explosives and save the ship?

That was the first thing that jumped to my mind too. It’s implied that the company is a really huge conglomerate, and to buy half of such a company would require a truly staggering amount of money; for an airline to pay out six times that amount would be more than any airline could possibly dig up.

They should just call Lost “Daddy Issues.” Jack, Locke, Sun, Kate… it’s Terrible
Fathers Hour on ABC.

That guy wasn’t the captain. We did not see the captain in this episode, so I think he is still dead.

Good episode. I liked getting the info on bringing the Oceanic 6 to Hawaii, and it was good to see Ensign Ro again! I guess she is the evil Oceanic operative, and I wonder if she’s tied to Dharma/Widmore.

I guess the writers have to do this, but why is it that Jack has to be the one to go after Sayid. There were lots of other healthy people on the beach.

Because the ship might blow up, killing everyone EXCEPT him?

Well Jack always has to be in control, Mr. Macho Man. Wants to singlehandedly save everyone on the island. Outwardly so in control, making the decisions while inwardly a basket case. And seeing glimpses of future situations, things haven’t changed much.

So what do you guys think about my theory about Nadia being killed because Sayid spilled the beans? This seems like a pretty big coverup to entrust to 5 castaways of questionable mental stability. I think they (Oceanic//\Whidmore) must be holding some intense leverage over them to be willing to trust them to keep their mouths shut. I mean, why not just kill them and not have to worry about their secrets getting out?