Lost 4.12: "There's No Place Like Home"

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My TV guide listing says “part of 1 of 2” for this episode. I’m not sure when part 2 airs, since my TV guide doesn’t show an episode for next week. Anyway, I’m not expecting the writers to wrap anything up necessarily, since there were originally supposed to be 16 episodes this season, and I doubt they crammed it all into 13.

From the on-screen guide for tonight’s episode:

** “There’s No Place Like Home. Part 1” **: The showdown between the survivors and the freighter people begins.

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Part 2 is the two hour season finale in two weeks. Next week Grey’s Anatomy does it’s two hour season ender thingy.

That’s a lotta twos.

Its really part 1 of 3. The season finale is 3 hours long, they are showing part 1 tonight and parts 2 & 3 as a 2 hour special on the 29th.

You know, a few days ago my guide said part 1 of 3, but then yesterday it said part 1 of 2. I guess that explains it.

My gosh, I am so excited for this, gang. So curious to see what’s up with my current fave cast people Desmond, Sawyer, and Ben. (I want a weepy goodbye between Sawyer & Kate) Curious how Hurley gets to the beach. Want to see Keamy get annihilated. Wonder if Abbadon shows up this ep. What will happen to Juliet? Will she be forced to stay with Ben’s group, since she wasn’t on Oceanic originally? Any speculation on who’s behind Oceanic Air Corp? Dharma? Widmore? Paik? Jacob?

Does anyone know who is the subject of tonight’s episode?

Zev Steinhardt

Most importantly, how will Sawyer breastfeed little Aaron?

I love how the opening was essentially filmed as the “ending” of the whole show. The swelling music, the happy reunions, everything was concluded…except that we already know it doesn’t work out.

This show is far better than ever.

Have any of these writers ever had a baby??? Where’s the baby carrier? The diaper bag? The burp cloths??? Not even a rattle or pacifier…either this is Hollywood or Kate’s the worst Mom ever…

Someone’s gonna have to milk a boar!

I always have a plan.

Nah, Sawyer’ll be able to con the boar into “donating” the milk :slight_smile:

Quote of the night?

How about “Cut yourself shaving?”. :smiley:

Loved loved loved this show tonight.

But but I thought the captain of the freighter was shot, like, dead, last week. My bad, I guess.

Love how Sawyer can’t just leave Hurley.

Love how Alpert just showed up.

Love how Michael didn’t know Jin spoke English. And esp. love Sun totally conning her father.!

So, was Ben signaling Richard or Ben with that mirror. oh and “those crackers are 15 years old” - that was a good line too.

Wow…nice episode. And Alpert shows at the end!!! He has some 'splaining to do!

“Jesus Christ is not a weapon!”

Another great episode!

I felt so bad for Claire’s mother after she told Jack about Claire. He knew Aaron was her granddaughter but couldn’t let her know. :frowning:

I was about to correct you, and then I realized that Ben *just might be * signaling Ben. Very shrewd observation, whb!

Paul the Younger - no I wasn’t be shrewd, just tired. I thought he might be signalling Jacob.

Sow now we have two of the Oceanic 6 on the freighter, one on the beach, one at the Orchid, one on his way to the Orchid, and another captured by the Others. I keep wondering how they’re gonna get them all back in the same place to be rescued?

Do you think the freighter’s zodiac is the boat that’s in the picture taken by the fishermen on the inhabited island?

Even so, you may be right…if Ben does have the ability to time travel, than that could be part of his “plan”. Come back from the future and leave something to help him rescue himself.

A stretch, but what in this show isn’t?