Lost 5.10 "He's Our You"

The only thing that won’t be too irritating is if it was more of like a “plastic time” sort of event.


I think it’s going to be one of those “island won’t let you die moments.” Sayid should have put one behind the ear to be sure.

Maybe the island allows you to age to being an adult, then stops the aging.

Or maybe I’m completely wrong. I know which way I would bet.

Guys - I missed the first part of the episode. Was it explained this week why Sayid starting killing for Ben and why he stopped?
as to the episode -
Those Dharmites seem to be murderous hypocrites. (Oooh. Don’t tell AnnArbor!)
Loved Sayid asking the bounty hunter to take another flight: Are you sure we’re going to Guam?
And I’m still so impressed with Sawyer as a leader.
Oh and the only way Sayid could have been sure Ben wouldn’t survive like Mikhail is if he had cut off Ben’s head.

Wasn’t the book Ben gave Sayid called Separate Realities? As soon as I saw it, I thought he might kill Ben and realize later that it does not make “our Ben” disappear.

Ben convinced Sayid that certain individuals in the Widmore organization threatened Sayid’s friends.

Sayid was killing people for Ben because Sayid believed that the people he was killing were threats to his friends. He quit because he had managed to kill everyone on the list.


Well, there also is the fact that Ben shot Locke point blank in season 3, and Locke fell into the Dharma-grave-pit. But Locke recovered… on his own… apparently because the island still needed him, to be the Other-Leader perhaps?

We know that grown-up Ben becomes the Other-Leader, so maybe despite being shot with what should be a lethal wound (like Locke), young Ben will also recover because the island needs him at the time? Looking like a possible parallel here, to me.

Tic-Tac: “Your first shot puts him down. Then you put one in the brain. Then he’s dead. Then we go home.”

Johnny Caspar: “Something I try to teach all my boys… Always put one in the brain!”

As for starting, there’s that… and there’s also the sparking incident of Nadia’s murder, presumably at the hands of Widmore’s agents. (Well, according to Ben… and we all know how that works!)

Oh god, that reminded my of my favorite line from the show…

Ben: Locke is dead, Sayid. I think he was murdered.


Yeah, we’ve already seen several instances of characters who are supposedly dead coming back to life. There’s no way Young Ben is really dead. I like Faraday’s theory that whatever has happened cannot be changed and I don’t think they’d completely do away with that so easily.

Wow. Puts all those questions last week about the purge to rest, doesn’t it?

Favorite line of the night from Sawyer: “Even a new mother wants you dead.”

My WAG: Young Ben is not dead, but is critically wounded. Jin comes to, drives him back to Dharmaville, and, hey, is there a doctor in the house?

Yeah, Jack is going to save Ben’s life. Again.

I didn’t care for how when they gave Sayid the “truth telling” serum, they repeated how it would make him incapable of lying. And then when he divulges the info, all of a sudden it’s, “Oooops. Must’ve given him too much.”

And oh, I’m I’ve seen the future, and I’m going to let you in on a bit of it:

This week’s discussion is going to make my brain hurt.

I loved that, though it was totally predictable . . . and the look on Sawyer’s face.

He’s not a zombie if he didn’t die and was only healed. According to Faraday he can’t be killed. Sayid should have put a few bullets in the brain.

Best quote of the season!

They explained why he quit, but they didn’t (to my satisfaction anyway) explain why Sayid suddenly started distrusting Ben and wanting vengeance against him. I get the impression though that we were shown all that we’re gonna be shown and either I just didn’t get it, or it was written poorly. Anyone else get a sense of why Ben’s little speech was enough to turn Sayid so completely against him?

I agree, Jack is going to be forced to save Ben’s life.
Oh and speaking of Jack, one of my favorite Jack Bauer moments comes to mind: “Shoot him again!”

So…have we seen their Sayid before?

I like how Richard follows current fasion trends.
Short hair in the 50s and in the present, but in the 70s he did the long hair thing :smiley:

I don’t think JAck is going to save his life. I think it’s Juliet, and she’s going to nurture him, try to change him by giving him some love and direction, thus setting up the creepy bond that he has with her once he becomes an adult, and when she’s 3 years younger than she is now…