Lost 5.10 "He's Our You"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

He’s Our You
A survivor goes rogue, endangering the lives of everyone on the island.

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Now that everybody’s grooving on the 70’s, Sawyer is the man in charge. Sayid is talking to li’l Ben. And Sun is seperated from Jin by about thiry years. Let’s hope Christian doesn’t tell her to just sit down and wait it out.

And I, for one, love the name of tonight’s episode. Let’s watch it shall we?

Bumping this - it was about to be LOST off the end of the page :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that since Sayid is stuck in the past, and we just say “little Sayid,” that we did not see a flashback. The “little Sayid” thing is happening right now.

By “right now” I mean the past…ie, the late 1970’s when Sayid is on The Island with Dharma.

A twelve-year old Ben Linus just brought me a chicken salad sandwich.

Is “their” “him” Larry, of “and this is my cousing Daryl and this is my other cousin Daryl” fame?


Larry, Darryl, Darryl and Sawyer! :smiley:

I hope the origin of the flaming bus distraction wasn’t supposed to be a big surprise.


Sawyer: “Three years and no burning buses. Now ya’ll are back for one day…”

So…looks to me like Faraday was wrong.


Wow… so Sayid’s purpose is to kill young Ben and prevent old Ben… at least in his mind.

So, what say ye, Daniel Faraday? Did what happen happen? Was little Ben shot in the past and managed to survive? Or did Sayid just change the past?

Somehow, I don’t think Ben will be going away so easily. I’m sure we have yet to see some more Locke/Ben interaction in the present.

He better make sure he’s dead. If they pull some crap where he’s only wounded (in spite of taking a shot to the chest and weighing about 85 lbs.) I’m going to be extremely disappointed. Especially since Sayid is a freaking assassin.

That was a great episode: multiple flashbacks, moving the plot forward, answering some questions, Sayid spilling the beans and not a soul believing him, great Ben scenes, and a true WTF moment at the end.

My favorite line was Ben telling Sayid: “Mission Accomplished.” What a prick!

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Lets not forget that it’s the island. Mikhail lived through much worse.

Naw, the island heals people and (apparently) brings them back from the dead. So I guess who we’ve known since season 2 as “Ben” is really Zombie Ben.

So that makes three zombies: Zombie Christian, Zombie Ben, and Zombie Locke. And possibly Zombie Alpert. And, for all we know, the rest of the survivors of Flight 815, including Kate, Hurley, and that really irritating couple that was “killed” off in season 2.

Particularly since Sayid just decided and declared that the one thing he’s good at is killing people.


Yeah that about sums up my reaction too.

All I can say is wow! I did not see that coming. I wonder if this will alter things, or if we’ll get a miraculous island resurrection.

There is the fact that Sayid did not fire off the “killing shot”, which is the key indicator in movies/TV of a character truly being shot dead. Once… your opponent is coming back after you. Twice? They’re dead.

Case in point: Kill Bill vol. 1. The Bride was shot… but once.

Zombie Ben managed to grow old unlike Alpert.