lost charter membership?

Hey. I was a charter member, now I’m not. Is this discontinued and wasn’t there a promise of a lower fee for charter members? Or am I losing “it”? :smack:

I’ll submit your name to Jerry to see if he will reinstitute your Charter Membership; at this stage of the game, it’s totally up to him and on his schedule if he does it.

For any of the rest of you who resubscribed late for 2005, if you have not sent me an email, please do so already. I’ll notify Jerry, he’s the one who does this. Again, no promises, but all I can do is try.

I do suspect there will come a time when Jerry will tell me not to send him names any more, but that hasn’t happened yet. It’s coming, though.

your humble TubaDiva

Thanks. What does late mean, in this context? Did we get notices and I didn’t see it? Very possible. Thanks again.

Apparently an email was sent out reminding people to re-up, but i have all my settings set up to receive emails from Admins and i know i never received it (i keep every email i ever get, except for spam, which gets sent to the trash, and cleaned out every now and then by me). Quite a few other people have said the same thing.

If you paid before the sent the e-mail, they didn’t send it to you. If you have the “no e-mail from admins” checked in preferences, they couldn’t send it.
There was a sticky in each forum with words like: membership, renewal & deadline.

My thanks to TubaDiva and Jerry for giving me my “Charter” back.

Thank you very much to TubaDiva and Jerry for giving me back my “Charter”. I asked more in hope than expectation, because I knew I was in the wrong. So thank you very, very much :slight_smile: