Lost Girl is back for Season 4

I haven’t watched the premier yet since AFAIK it currently airs only on Canadian TV but I have it and it’s ready to go. I guess it will come to SyFy or whomever next year sometime. I did watch parts of the hour long cast Q&A which was OK and included 2 webisodes.

Has the show changed much since the first season? I tried watching it on Netflix but the show embodied the worst elements of Urban Fantasy for me: supernatural female protagonist with daddy/family issues juggling a couple of bohunks willing to put up with an inordinate amount of bs because she’s hot.

The premiere was okay, but there was no Bo at all (probably because of Anna Silk’s pregnancy), and the show suffered from it. Kenzie is a great character, but too much of her is, well, too much of her. :slight_smile: Her dance number was hokey and awkward, and George Takei was painfully campy (rather than delightfully campy) as a snake villain (who made sure to accent the “ssssssss” in every word with an s in it). And Lauren is a red-headed waitress now!

ETA: I’m wondering what you meant by “bohunks,” epbrown - that’s not a very nice term to be using. :eek:

Yeah, Kensi is great as a supporting character but it’s harder for her to carry the plot. Although she has had some episodes that focused on her that I’ve really liked so I’m torn on that score. I also liked her webisode that they aired during episode 00. I didn’t like the the other guy so much since he can’t act to save his life, unless that was supposed to be his character - IDK. I only vaguely remember him from last season. The troll was pretty good though.

I’ve always heard it used to mean attractive meathead, the brainless variety of hunk, but your post made me look it up. No idea it meant Bohemian laborer as well. Interesting.

STILL? Wasn’t she already pregnant the entire last season? (tempted to make a Downton Abbey reference here…)

They certainly were using the baggy clothes, body double, hide behind furniture stuff all year.

I dunno; I assumed she wasn’t in the premiere because of her pregnancy - let me look it up. Okay, she gave birth in May of 2013 - I don’t know when they shot the first episodes for this year, but I’d guess it would have been around that time. Anyway, I hope she’s back soon - the show isn’t really working without her.

Okay, I asked my husband about this, and he says she was indeed pregnant last season (humongously so at the wrap party), so not likely she was pregnant for shooting this year. And we just saw Bo in the second episode of the season two, and she was definitely not pregnant any longer. So, to wrap up, never mind. :slight_smile:

Never, the show could be called Lost Kenzie and it barely scratch the surface of Kenzie goodness :slight_smile:


We’re having a hard time putting our fingers on it, but the show doesn’t seem as good this season - it seems disjointed and silly, instead of interesting and compelling and funny like it used to be. Is anyone else seeing this?

I lose continuity pretty easily so I was thinking might wait a while longer before I start the season and watch 3 or 4 episodes in a row. Your having said that makes me think that’ll be an especially good idea now. IDK. This is one show I’ve been looking forward to though.

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, an overweight Succubus (sp?) is not particularly compelling or fitting with the vibe of the show, voluptuous sure, but that ship seems to have sailed.

The camaraderie between what’s left of the gang seems to be missing… Maybe something changed on set?

I agree. Fourth season and Bo is definitely either very pregnant or getting VERY fat! And while that’s fine for real life or a character actress, etc., it’s not when you’re in the lead role and play a sexy seductress succubus. Someone needs to put Anna Silk on a very strict diet! And my opinion has nothing to do with judgment of the actress at all - it has to do with believability of her playing the role.

I was sorely disappointed by George Takei–and after getting all excited at seeing his name in the opening credits. Did he even manage to get in an “Oh, my!”

The lack of Bo is throwing the chemistry all out of whack. I loves me some Kenzi, don’t get me wrong, but she’s best as a compliment to Bo or Hale. And while Hale’s still around, and I guess we’re looking at a possible Hale-Kenzi relationship now, they’ve really not been palling around much as of yet (speaking as an American, SyFy schedule watcher).

I will say that mini-Tamsin was adorable, and I rather wish they’d kept her as a little kid for a bit longer. :smiley:

I’m vaguely surprised Lost Girl has lasted as long as it has. SyFy has a way of killing good programs for wrassling and woo series. Glad to hear Season 4 is rolling along.

Well, remember that it’s a Canadian series first, a SyFy “Original” second.

My earlier reservations with Season 4 have been completely obliterated. The show has kicked itself into high gear, there are a lot of irons in the fire, but Lost Girl is back!