Lost in Lost? Official Lost jargon thread {SPOILERS!!}

Thank you for your participation. :rolleyes:

I don’t know what Kate’s crime was, but didn’t we see Jack either report or threaten to report his father for drinking on duty to force him to retire as chief of surgery? I have that distinct impression, but I sometimes make up stuff.

Well, as long as we’re going to throw around Star Trek references (red shirt) I nominate Odo, which is Bajoran for Unknown Sample, which could work instead of MIP, or UNSUB.

At this point, how about…

Lost Luggage == Claire’s baby :wink:

New stuff added and also because of n00bs asking about Redshirt freshmen… :wink:
BOP = back of plane people

EVP = Evil Boat People (current conjecture is that they are The Others) ((perhaps also the source of the Whispers (electronic voice phenomena?)))

TSG = Tequila Swilling Girl

TCM got an update on another board (frequented by some former Ones Of Uses) to Stompy the TCM … yeah, I know…


NCB, wouldn’t that be EBP?

And then there’s the Hurley-speculative form:
TCM(POG?) – Tree Crushing Monster (Pissed-Off Giraffe?)

I know Hobbit, because I’ve been drooling over him since LotR… but Redneck? Mercutio? Who are they?

And no one’s put CFL = Crazy French Lady

Yes! CFL.

Monstre, I was thinking of the Whispers of the Others which led me to think of something I saw on the Fortean site which led me to EVP… So…, EBP are the source of EVP…? Yeah, it was a silly mistake.

Mercutio is Michael (Walt’s father), since he played Mercutio in the 1996 movie Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes.

I’m assuming Redneck is Sawyer… who else could it be?

Yes, I agree 100%- in fact- please- let’s not copy those :rolleyes: over at 'that place" and use silly-assed jargon like they do. This** is** the SDMB, where we fight against Ignorance- they seem to have the opposite agenda over there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand some need to abbreviate, but “monster” isn’t all that harder to type than “TCM”. No "redneck’ or “Mercutio” or “Peachy” :rolleyes:

Now- “redshirt” is something that has been in use for 40 years or so, so that’s different.

That’s an awful lot of smilies to use for fighting ignorance. :wink:
Actually, since about Episode 3, the use of pet names has not been an issue at all. (Look at the start date of this thread.)
Now, acronyms seem to be another story on the SDMB. But, those are usually self explanitory to even the most casual of Lost Dopers. One thing I have been doing is, if I’m the first one to use one of the Lost Doper acronyms that cross over episodes (like TCM), I spell it out in that post. For instance, “Did anyone notice that TCM (Tree Crushing Monster) said Yabba Dabba Doo in that scene?”

Acronyms taht are new to the discussions are invariably defined in the thread discussing the episode. Like the TSG acronym introduced by whoever that was. They said something along the lines of, “Hey! The Tequila Swilling Girl (TSG) Jack was talking to is listed as a regular for next season!” And so on.

Being the Dope, or SDMB, I don’t see acronym use being abandoned any time soon. Besides, we have this thread for easy reference.

So, to quote a Hurleyism: “Dude. Chill.” :smiley:

BTW, is acronym even the best word to describe this phenomena? After all, in my head anyways, I’m saying the letters (Tee See Em) and not making a word of it (Tehcom).

Plagiarist! :smiley:

Cross thread simulpost! :eek:

Exactly, except that mine was 24 minutes simultaneously before yours. :smiley:

You do know that I can’t read, verdad? Especially timestamps.

And before anyone asks, I have an infinite number of monkeys at keyboards over here, so don’t even try to duplicate my jejune inanity!

Now is the summer of your discontent…