Lost 3.5: The Cost of Living

The commercials say that one of the castaways dies tonight, but I’ll believe it when I see it-- most likely it’s one of the extras. Will we learn which of the others has the spinal tumor? It’s gotta be Benry. But more importantly, will Soccer Shirt Wearing Guy fix his slice and be ready for the Lostaway’s Masters tournament? Will Claire let Desmond fix her roof? And where are Rose and Bernard? These multiple plot lines are making for a clunky pace…

The Cost of Living– what price Jack must pay for saving Kate’s life?

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From the ABC “Lost” website:

** The Cost of Living**: A delirious Eko wrestles with demons from his past, while Locke heads a search party for the missing castaways.

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What ever became of Mrs. Clue?

Wherever she is, she could make fortune selling a few to our Lostaways! :slight_smile:

If Soccer=Red in Aussie, you may have answered your own question. :slight_smile:

This, I’m afraid, is the “make or break” episode for me. I didn’t watch the first half of season one because I was afraid they’d pull a Twin Peaks on us- keep stringing us along, adding layer upon layer, without ever resolving anything. Once it looked like maybe they had a plan, I watched the full season from the start, and got hooked.

Well, it looks like it’s Twin Peaks all over again. If nothing gets resolved tonight- if the Lostaways don’t sit the Others down and say something like, “If you don’t want us to keep causing you problems, howzabout you TELL US WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON HERE,” I’m out.

I’m not spoilering this because it’s totally just a wild guess on my part, but I think Eko dies tonight. He’s injured and in pretty bad shape already, and the guilt over his death might be enough to pushe Locke to new crazy-ass-hunter levels of rage as he goes off to try and rescue the other Lostaways.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, because I think we’ll get some new information.

Oh, and please, everyone - if you’re just coming in here to bitch about how Lost sucks now and you hate watching it, or to threaten to stop watching if tonight doesn’t resolve all, please go start a thread elsewhere. We’re here to discuss tonight’s episode and we’d rather not have to skip over a half dozen whiny posts to get to the fun bits.


Can I get an amen!


If there’s one thing that will guarantee that happening, it’s asking for it not to happen. :wink:

BTW, everyone, only one more epsiode left after this one and then the “big break” until February.

I swear I was typing Amen before I saw this :cool:

Well it only took till post 5 this time so it couldn’t hurt.

FWIW, there’re only 2 shows left (counting tonight) before the mid-season hiatus. So you might want to make up your mind after NEXT week’s show. I hear it’s supposed to be one that will either make or break the fans sitting on the fence. Me? I’m in it for the long haul. Even the mediocre shows in this series are better than most network TV shows.

Concerning this week’s preview:

Looks like we get to find out who’s the owner of that creepy glass eye.

Good call!!! I forgot all about that thing.

Thank god they listened to the fans and chaged how they aired the shows this season. Putting up with all the repeats again might have driven me away from the show.

I have to stop watching it at 8pm before all of you, because then I get excited and want to come tell you everything.

I’m confused - last week, didn’t they mention the tumor being on the “lumbar spine”?

Un-named woman joining search party. May as well put on a red Star Trek uniform and refer to herself as Ensign Jones.

So Benry thinks that the crash was an act of God? So the Others didn’t bring the plane down on purpose, didn’t seek out these people specifically?

Well dammit, Eko was one of my favourite characters.