Lost in Lost? Official Lost jargon thread {SPOILERS!!}

We already have a Lost major questions thread. Let’s leave that one for the purpose of keeping track of the questions.

Use this thread to ask about or explain our acronyms and other insider jargon in the threads.

(idea and below psot from Eats Crayons)

  1. TCM = Tree Crusher Monster
  2. Adam and Eve = Two bodies found in caves
  3. Redshirts = generic survivors like Steve and Scott and the drowned woman

and I propose (for issues like the Voice of the French Woman or ‘whoever was on the island 16 years ago’)…

  1. MIPUM = Mysterious Island Person of Unknown Motives

So that MIPUM can be generically employed for things like “How did the polar bear get on the island? Maybe it was brought by a MIPUM for an experiment.” Or random speculations like “Oo, maybe there is a mastermind MIPUM and it’s all like the Island of Dr. Moreau.” Or “the French Woman is a MIPUM.” Or “perhaps the TCM is a machine built by the MIPUMs”. Or “maybe the MIPUMs are aliens from outer space!” Or “maybe there are no MIPUMS.”

Anything else we need?

Any thing about the eps should go in the individual ep threads. Qs about the major plot points go in the Q thread.
Box any unaired spoilers. Otherwise, reader beware: SPOILERS!!!

Oo, I thought of two more:

Trion said of one character who was absent for an epsisode: Where is she? She at the “This Character Has Nothing To Do This Week Day Spa.”

Henceforth, main characters who are absent for an episode (as opposed to killed off or missing due to plot) will be…

  1. At the Spa.

E.g/ Walt was not in “Confidence”. He was at the spa. And Claire goes to the spa a heckuva lot.

  1. Dangle - those important backstory points that they still don’t let us know, even after the backstory episodes (the bastards!).

E.g./ What was Kate’s crime? What did Jack do to upset his parents?

MIPUM doesn’t really flow. May I suggest Mysterious Island Person, or MIP?

  1. UNSUB: Unknown subject, among the castaways. For instance, “What UNSUB clocked Said?”

  2. TROG: A castaway who lives in the caves.

  3. BUM: Short for “beach bum,” a castaway who lives on the beach.

  4. ROVER: A castaway who breaks from the rest. Right now Said is the only known rover.

How about …

  1. CP (as in “Confirmed Passengers”) to denote people we’re sure we saw in the plane flashbacks (Jack, Kate, Charlie, etc.)

  2. And NCP for the opposite?

I hereby nominate the term SteveScott to refer to any survivor that was needed for a brief moment as a plot device, and probably won’t be seen ever again.

While I do like “at the spa”, I’ve been referring to those passengers in my head as “Sir Not Appearing In This Episode.” “At the spa” flows just a little bit better. :slight_smile:

Apparently, I missed the definition of Redshirt. I’m a moron, disregard. :slight_smile:

We don’t have to come up with all the ideas right now, either. Just come back to this thread when a question or explanation is order. Like when someone comes into the ep thread for 3 weeks down the line and wants to know what TCM is. We answer, of course, and then link to this thread so they can pick up on the things they haven’t got around to asking yet.

Being a Trekker since 1969 myself, I had thought the term Redshirt was pretty universal by now. :wink:

Heh, what a trip.

I can only think of a couple:


Dude, that’s was, like, a Jedi moment!

That’s a Hurleyism.

Perform vascular surgery on the ground, in a clearing in the rain forest, without real tools, without the benefit of sterilization, that’s a JackHack.

Ripping a large chunk of metal out of someone’s side, fast, that’s a JackHack.

JackHack’s can be good, like the former, or bad, like the latter.


The horrible thing is that not only do I know what a Redshirt is, I read that post not three seconds before I hit “Submit.”

Am I the only one who, when they hear the term “Redshirt”, automatically thinks “Captain! Over here, I’ve found some----aaaauuugghghhh!!!”

Ha. That’s a good one. Kinda has a MacGyver ring to it.

I guess we’re lucky that we pretty much know all the characters’ names so we don’t have to explain Redneck, Mercutio and Hobbit anymore.

Ah, but we don’t know Redneck’s name, now do we?

Ooh, creepy thought, but do you suppose that “Sawyer’s” real name was read as one of the people who died in the crash as part of the memorial?

Can I respectfully request we not be like TWoP and just call them by their character’s names in this show and not by the names of their other movie roles?
That drives me crazy.

That is precisely what I said.

In early episdoes, before we knew anyone’s names they were getting weird nicknames – hence we are now lucky to know their names and don’t need to resort to confusing nicknames like “Redneck” and “Hobbit”.

Yeah, that was a nasty hobbit.

But we broke the hobbit.

Island Golf Course = Island Golf Course

For those who are new to LOST

This show is Hobbit-forming. :smack:

Every time something goes missing, people blame Sawyer. We need a term for this.

“My shit’s missing; it must have been Sawyered.” Or something.

Someone Sawyered me nickers!
Yeah, that works!

Also, whenever someone comes under John’s spell, they’ve been LOCKEd up.
Current castaways who are or may be Locked up:





Possible future Lockers:



Jack (depends on a few things, but I see the possibilty… maybe)

Most likely immune to Locke’s jaw:



Wild cards:


Sayid (shouldn’t it be spelled Said?


“What” “a” “lame” “thread.” WALT