Lost Password

Hey Admins… HELP!

I forgot my password (formerly known as Muffinman) and cannot remember what it was. I have not entered it since I first got my accound (back in 1999 I believe) and entered an email address which I no longer have.

Is there any way I could have my password emailed to guybud5@yahoo.com?

If not, could this account be merged with my old one?

If you don’t believe me, then I think the absence of any new posts from “Muffinman” and the similar posts under “Guybud5” should make clear my identity within several months.

Come on, y’all, help me! I even bought the SD t-shirt!

You really shoudn’t have created a new handle. You should have emailed a mod. Which is what you should still do.

The usual process for resolving a forgotten password:
Try and log in by guessing at your old password. If you guess wrong, you will see this message:

When you click on the word here, you will be be presented with a page that says

You then type in the e-mail address corresponding to your SDMB username and the password will be e-mailed to you. If you don’t receive the e-mail after a few hours, e-mail an administrator and ask them for help. Send the e-mail from the address corresponding to your SDMB username, and in the e-mail tell us what your SDMB username is.
In your case, since you don’t have access to the Muffinman e-mail address any more, you should ask us to fix the registration for you. Even if you can’t sign on to the SDMB, you can still read the announcements and the FAQ in this forum. You will notice that the announcement says

and the technical issues FAQ says

Please send the administrators (TubaDiva, Arnold Winkelried, C K Dexter Haven, LynnBodoni, Gaudere) an e-mail asking for help in resolving your situation.

I am not particularly attached to Muffinman… If I could just switch to this name, that would be fine. I had only 200 odd posts anyway.

Guybud, then you need to email one of the administrators to close down the Muffinman screen name.

I doubt they’d go for that. I think it’s much more likely that you’ll be able to change the old name to something else, whilst this one is deactivated.