Lots Of Vacation Time But Boss Won't Let Me Take It!!

You passive-aggressive micro-weiner! I’ve worked for you for thirteen years and I’m so close to filling your attache case with pooey from my four dogs, you would not BELIEVE! The last four times I’ve requested vacation days, you’ve made me feel like I was asking for the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria and enough gold to buy North and South America. If you weren’t such a limp dick, I’d think you couldn’t go a week without my administrative blow job. Maybe you don’t know any better because you’ve got the CEO’s dick so far up your butt your voice has changed to an alto. And while it’s there, maybe you could ask him to roto-router your brain. Maybe then you’ll get it. I don’t work for you because you’re Italy’s anser to Brad Pitt, and I get very little satisfaction from the pittance you laughably call my salary. Read my lips…I’ve EARNED that vacation time, so stop yanking my chain or you may find yourself in the shitter.

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Quit. Walk away. The effort you expended to write your post could have been used to gather your things and leave. And if you want, rough him up a bit before you walk out the door.

Thanks, Booka. Putting that letter of resignation on his desk is going to give me great satisfaction. As soon as I can get his nasty fingers out of my shorthairs and find another job, I’m golden!

You don’t ask him if you can take vacation days. You TELL him you ARE taking vacation days and he had better make arrangements for coverage.

Why not ask the guy for a list of time periods when it is okay to take some holiday, and see if he offers any reasonable compromise? (Like in the ballpark of when you want it, and the required amount). Then you can either reach a deal or say you have done everything to try and accommodate the company’s needs.

If he is dismissive, difficult, or doesn’t offer any time you want to take, simply report your problem above his head. I’m sure his boss will want to hear about how he is denying you your contractual right and leaving the company open to a lawsuit.

Keep everything well documented, and if you still don’t get any time, take it to the local authority or whoever deals with these things. They’ll probably be interested.

You shouldn’t be pushed out of a job on something like this. If you want to leave because you don’t like the job, then fine, but if you feel you’re being pushed out because of this, report it, and force them to give you your dues.

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Please visit the real world before suggesting someone leave a job before finding another.

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Agreed. If you don’t break the pattern of submission, you will become a stereotype. When you speak, your boss will always think, “Oh, here’s Tupug again. Let me tell him what he really meant to say.”

But it is so easy. Anyone can find a comparable job with equal or better pay and benefits with next to no effort in this economy. Besides, even if you can’t, it’s alright to miss a mortgage or rent payment or three.

My advice: Fuck the feelings. Send him an e-mail telling him you’ll be on vacation on such-and-such dates. Ignore his hints or his pissing and moaning. Go ahead and take the vacation unless he explicitly orders you not to. Life is too short to spend it all in an office.

BTW I note that the OP was posted at 9:55 PM. I’m relieved to see that it wasn’t posted at work.:eek:

Yup, tell him when you are taking vacation. Tell him early and in writing. And smile when he pisses or moans, be polite, but firm about it. It is your time, it already belongs to you, as long as your requests are reasonable (“I’m taking five weeks of vacation starting tomorrow, bye!” is not the way to go) its yours, take it.

Yeah, what they said.

Tell him you’re taking said days off for a vacation.

Are you sensing a pattern here.

hmmm…well, don’t know about your company rules/guidelines/contracts, but over here, I’m only entitled to my days off with my manager’s permission. Simply telling him I’m not going to turn up for a few weeks - and then doing it - would be akin to handing in my resignation except I wouldn’t have a reference to take to my next job…
If he’s unable to give a valid reason why you can’t have those days, then take it up with his manager… if he has a good reason (and better than ‘we might need you’) then I suspect you just have to live with it

Or just phone in sick

oh wait - do you get paid for sick days? you ought to work in this country :smiley:

p.s. grrr stupid 60 second rule - just writing this to give me something to do while I wait…

Shadow, when you ask for permission, how exactly do you do it. I mean, do you say “I’d like to take a week off the end of February,” or do you say “I’d like to take some time off soon, when would be good?”

At my company, as long as we give reasonable notice (meaning if I’m going to be gone for a week I let them know at least a month in advance, a week in advance for a day off is sufficient) and make sure there’s somebody to cover us. We are limited to two weeks off at any time, but that’s not unreasonable.

By the way Tupug, if your manager keeps refusing you, go over his head, and when you do, take along documents showing your manager’s own vacation record (if it’ll help I mean). If he’s taking an annual vacation but not letting you do so, he’s an even bigger asshole than he sounds like.

This is how truly screwed I am. My boss is a Sr. V.P. department head. The only one over him is psycho workaholic Pres. C.E.O. Here’s the irony. THIS particulary time I cannot take the vacation I put in for (in advance, mind you) is because Pres. C.E.O. thinks I am the only one in a big fat company crawling with art directors who can put together a PowerPoint presentation he MUST have before Thanksgiving. As for the other times…as Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, “It’s always something.” Threatening to quit, demanding what’s due me, or feigning illness would all be counter-productive just prior to bonus time, don’t you think? Is there an “effed” smilie???

I used to work for an investment banker at a brokerage house who was a real pip. The Stock Market closes at 1:00 on major holiday weekends and usually people at brokerage houses cut out about 1:00. One holiday weekend, I asked The Bitch if it would be a problem if I left at 1:00 the next day and she said that since she wasn’t going to be in that day she needed me to “leverage” her. (I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.) Needless to say, she never once called that day.

The next time I wanted to leave 1:00 on a Friday before a holiday weekend, I told her I had to leave at one and she told me, “I don’t care. I won’t be here.” What the fuck?!

Tupug wrote:

Does that make it easier for you? With all due respect, it is you and you alone — given that everything you’ve said is true — who is stopping you from taking your vacation. You’re prefering the easy way out.

A favorite quote:

“Who can release me from my self-imposed sense of obligation?”

Libertarian, you are so right!

I agree with what many have said here. I basically wasn’t allowed to take sick days or vacation because I am the only one here who does what I do.

Finally I got sick of it and told them that I was taking vacation and sick days when I was sick. They are still begredged about it, but that’s not my problem. You need to take care of yourself. That said, if you can work out an amicable way to take your vacation, I would pursue that first.